Club Deluxe Reopens Thursday With Live Music Every Night

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Image: Chuck N. via Yelp

The slow pour of nightclubs reopening is now turning into a glorious gusher, and every single club opening back up after COVID feels like meeting a great, long-lost friend again. The latest, greatest long-lost friend to return again is Upper Haight jazz, swing, and cabaret destination Club Deluxe, which will reopen Thursday, July 1 at 6 p.m., and remain open for top-notch live music and entertainment every single night going forward thereafter.

Image: Jonathan T. via Yelp

“Club Deluxe will reopen this Thursday,” the club recently posted to their website. “The atmosphere at Club Deluxe is reminiscent of an old time New York City jazz house. Red lights glow, the sounds of jazz and people talking waft through the air, and most of the patrons are decked out in their best vintage clothing.”

Image: Club Deluxe via Yelp

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Their live music calendar is impressive AF starting with the July 1 reopening. You got Quinn Deveaux Blue Beat Soul Thursday night, Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums Friday night, Americano Social Club Saturday, and The Luxomatics Sunday night. And there is live music every single night of the week going forward after that.

Image: Shane S. via Yelp

This is the Club Deluxe vision established by former owner Jay Johnson, who passed away in 2015. At the time, the Broke-Ass proprietor of this website remarked, “while he was cantankerous as fuck, he gave us Club Deluxe, which is pretty special.”  

Image: Anand R. via Yelp

All of SF’s live music venues are pretty special, and people, if we don’t support them, they’re not going to last. Even though our favoritest nightclubs are opening their doors again, that doesn’t mean they’re financially out of the woods. It’s crucially important that we show up and love up our favorite nightclubs when they reopen, so make a point to hit one of these shows at Club Deluxe this weekend, or any of their every-night shows in the future.


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