Someone Is Feeding Coyotes Raw Meat On Bernal Hill

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Image: SF Animal Care & Control

Oh sure, there is nothing like the thrill of running into a big ass coyote on the streets of San Francisco. And their little puppers are adorable as heck. But people, you should not feed the coyotes, and you should not be like this lady whom SF SF Animal Care & Control is trying to track down. The Chronicle reports she is bringing trays of raw meat to Bernal Hill and feeding the coyotes, and animal protection agencies have had it.

“People need to stop feeding wild animals,” SF Animal Care & Control executive director Virginia Donohue told KPIX. “Continuing to defy the law – and common sense – will lead to a person getting hurt and an animal being destroyed.”

Image: SF Animal Care & Control

That agency calls this woman “a particularly egregious coyote feeder,” and adds, “The same person allegedly feeds coyotes in other locations around the city.” 

Do you think the coyotes look thin and hungry? They’re not. “Coyotes are not hungry. They do not need a plate of food. There is food all over the city,” Donohue told the Chronicle. “We have too many people feeding coyotes or trying to befriend them. Ultimately it ends badly for the wildlife.”

The agency asks that “If anyone can identify this person, please call Animal Care & Control at 415-554-9400.” She will apparently just get a warning the first time, but after the first warning you are subject to a $1,000 fine. They ask that you not approach her, just tell  Animal Care & Control where you saw her. And stop feeding the coyotes!


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