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Man Prints ‘Rebound Wanted’ Brochures, Makes Website for Applicants

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It’s been a strange year for romance.  It was easy to get tired of your significant other while stuck with them at home week after week.  And if you were single, you basically had two places to meet new people, one was ‘online’, and the other was in-line at either the grocery store or the doctor’s office, squinting at a face covering from a safe distance.

Now that we are allowed to go out again, one newly single person is looking for a ‘mutually agreeable rebound’, and doesn’t care who knows it.

Meet Kyle, he’s looking for a rebound:

Meet Kyle, maybe your next rebound?  (Kyle is the human, not the donkey).

Kyle is literally printing ‘rebound’ brochures and is actively distributing them around town.  He’s also made a video, brochure, and website for potential applicants…

Rebound Wanted Video

Rebound Wanted, Apply Within Brochure:

Kyle reached out to Stuart about his search, calling it both “exciting and terrifying,” and we thought, “well, this is both creative, hilarious, and…will probably make our readers smile.”

Also, who knows?  Maybe it will even spark the greatest casual rebound of all time…

Kyle also made his own website for applicants:

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