How an Exploding Pride Van in Rocket League Made Me Feel Better

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Xennial-in-Chief presents: ROCKET LEAGUE

Life’s…tough, right now. We all have a cause that’s not going our way, and it’s dark out there. Each of us distills these experiences into something positive (somehow) and channel that energy into replenishing our morale so that we can go back the next day to do it all again. Focusing too hard on negativity depletes your morale. So how about a ride in a rocket car and play some soccer, hmm?

Surely founded on the Simpsons episode with Burns and Smithers playing soccer in regular cars, this wonderful amalgamation of ideas focused on smashing rocket cars together, and, also, put balls in goals. Balls in goals…a far, far better pursuit for our minds than catering to the sadness.

The game has been out for a while now, but with the new season, season 7, upon us, now’s a good a time as any to find a little fun, for Jeebus’ sake.

For the new folks, I’d recommend playing the Tutorial sessions first to learn how to pilot your vehicle. After that, play through a Season on whatever difficulty you like. When that gets too easy, jump into multiplayer and show them what you got.

Sound like there’s a steep learning curve between driving and rocketing through the air? There is, but you’ll be playing with others at your skill level so you can still dominate the little guy!

You’ll most likely also be spending your time customizing your car(s). Psyonix is great for getting new car types, skins, accessories, etc. made available so you’ll never run out of fun options to play around with. None of these items does anything to boost your abilities, but I took great joy demolishing opponents with a rainbow trailing behind me.

I took my Pride seriously this year and sported the classy rainbow tiara and Pride flag combo couture, with the flashing DJ wheels and Wizard spell-casting decal (because I’m a huge nerd and I love it). Are you more into something like the Batmobile? You got it. Back the Future Delorean? Definitely. Little Nas X suddenly blasting when I score a goal? You know you can get it.

The little things all add up to one singular experience that won’t intrude upon your time unless you let it. Each match is 5 minutes, which roughly equates to almost 10 minutes with stoppages. An easy time-filler you’ll probably find yourself filling a lot of your own time with.

Though we all go through the things we go through in our own way, it’s good to find a community of people that, like you, want to put everything aside for 10 minutes and climb into a rocket car and have some fun. I hope to see you online, and stay happy out there. 😊

You can download and play for free HERE.


Steam: SamoftheRocks


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