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Beloved Radio Show Host, ‘JV,’ From Wild 94.9 Still Missing

Updated: Mar 02, 2023 08:51
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Image courtesy of JV’s Instagram


UPDATE: JV’s wife suggests he ‘will not be coming back’. Read more here.

Wild 94.9 listeners tuned into a solemn show Monday morning to find that one of the show’s hosts, Jeffrey Vandergrift, known as ‘JV’, has still not been located after disappearing without a trace last week.

Vandergrift co-founded the Doghouse show in the 90’s alongside Dan “Elvis” Lay and Lance “Hollywood” Otani on KYLD which went on later to become Wild 94.9. The show has since become one of most popular radio shows in the Bay Area, featuring on-air prank calls and suggestive humor. 

In 2021, Vandergrift went on an unexplained hiatus which caused much speculation among his fans regarding his absence. He returned in April 2022 in an emotional return explaining his absence was due to his diagnosis of severe Lyme disease, causing him to constantly endure “brain fog” among other symptoms and mentioned experiencing ideations of self-harm.

Vandergrift, 54, was reported missing on Friday, February 24 and was last seen around 10pm at his residence on the 200 block of King St. in San Francisco on Thursday evening according to a news release from the San Francisco Police Department. 

The details of the disappearance seem grim, as the SFPD noted that Vandergrift is “at-risk” and as of yet there seems to be no trace of him yet. In an email correspondence between SFPD and SFGATE on Monday morning, it has not been clarified why Vandergrift is considered an at-risk individual nor have there been any updates to his case. 

According to an update as of Monday, SFPD said that they’re keeping tabs on any activity that could lead them to finding JV. “Our investigation involves trying to see any clues for the usage of electronics, seeing the usage of his electronic funds and we’re not disclosing any of that information that we may or may not have found but that is part of the investigation” said SFPD Officer Roberto Rueca.

According to recent post made on Wild 94.9’s official Instagram, there has been no new activity from JV’s mobile phone or credit cards, adding that “these updates are incredibly worrisome, though we continue to hope and pray for better news.”

However, it has been discovered that around the time he was last seen, Vandergrift made edits to an August 2022 post on Instagram that was shared in celebration of National Radio Day.

‘It’s #NationalRadioDay I know, who gives a fart!!? Been at 94 since 94. Wow, that’s a long time!! Super grateful for each of you who have been on this journey w me,’ he initially posted. 

After Vandergrift’s Instagram activity showed that he edited the post, the caption read: “Thank you for a wonderful life-filed w joy, laughs, pain & struggle. It’s been a great journey. Your support & prayers meant the world.”  

In another increasingly troubling discovery, Vandergrift’s Twitter profile now also lists his location as “The Other Side”, and includes a link to an article regarding a 22 year old woman who took her life after battling Lyme disease.

Since his disappearance, fans have been flooding his social media with prayers and support, hoping he returns home safely. Fans have also stopped by San Francisco’s iHeart Radio station to leave flowers and gifts to support JV and his co-workers, who understandably have been going through a difficult time.

Vandergrift’s wife Natasha has been quiet during her husband’s disappearance as she works closely with SFPD to investigate her husband’s disappearance.

Vandergrift, who was last seen wearing black sweatpants, is described as a 6’ foot tall white male who weighs approximately 180 pounds and has tattoos on his arm and above his right ear.

If you see VJ, please call SFPD right away!


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