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30% of People Say They’re “Rubbing One Out” More Often During Quarantine

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I get way too many press releases. Most of them are for bands I don’t care about or travel destinations I’m not that interested in. But sometimes a true gem makes it my way and I feel the need to share.

Earlier this week I got one from the folks at Good Vibrations and Babeland, two legendary sex-positive adult toy companies, about how masturbation habits have been affected by COVID-19. Every May since 1995 has been National Masturbation Month, and this year the two shops teamed up to survey customers and social media followers, creating research that represents their largest-ever collection of relevant data on peoples’ wanking customs.


Of the 1760 people who filled out the survey, here were the responses when asked, “Has your masturbation changed in the time of COVID-19?”:

● Around 14% cited decreased duration/ability due to setting change (quarantined with friends/family etc.) — a few specifically mentioned having privacy issues

● ~20% agreed that they are experiencing increased duration or ability due to a setting change (work/school from home, quarantined with partner, etc.)

● About 24% affirmed that their libido has decreased due to stress, though close to 19% said the converse—their libido has increased due to stress

● Close to 39% are seeing no real effect as far as masturbation goes


So it appears that while 30% of people are doing the five knuckle shuffle more often during quarantine, 38% of folks are jacking/jilling off less than before.

Where do you fit in? Let us know in the comments

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