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Dark Comedy “The Smoots” is a New Short Film About Losing Your Job

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How can four of the most terrifying words you can utter in English right now (“I lost my job,” duh) turn into the stuff of dark comedy? The answer to that question comes in the short film “The Smoots,” which is now available on YouTube. The film is directed by Ryan Bojanovic and stars former Broke-Ass Stuart editor Max Bruno. Bruno, it turns out, has done stand-up comedy in Brooklyn for years. Now he’s bringing his talent to a short film.  

The story concerns magazine writer Patrick (Bruno), who has to explain to his wife Grace (Tory Flack) his week of bizarre behavior that’s climaxed in his losing his job.  The reason involves the antics of the titular characters, who resemble a more grotesque version of The Smurfs. How this short is simpatico to Bruno’s favorite themes of finding humor in what happens when people get disrupted and shaken out of their inertia, the viewer will need to see for themselves. Remember to stay through the credits to hear some jokes that you definitely won’t get in a normally kid-friendly Smurf movie.

Watch the movie below:

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