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SF ‘Slow Streets’ Map

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The SFMTA’s new ‘Slow Streets’ program is designed to limit through traffic on certain residential streets and allow them to be used more as a shared space for foot and bicycle traffic.  Throughout the city, dozens of corridors have been planned or implemented as a ‘Slow Streets’.

Obviously, due to COVID and the current terrible, smoky air in California, you definitely need to wear a mask while enjoying these walking areas.  But you will notice a lot more outdoor seating areas and parklets on these streets!

Also due to the current unhealthy air, slow streets in the SOMA have been delayed.  For more on all current and new project visit: https://www.sfmta.com/projects/slow-streets-program

SF Parklet Manual Summer 2020 designs: http://groundplaysf.org/wp-content/uploads/San-Francisco-Parklet-Manual.pdf

SF Parklet Map: (new, old and planned)

Where are Slow Street corridors now, and where they might be added next?


  • 20th Avenue from Lincoln Boulevard to Ortega Street
  • 20th Street from Valencia Street to Potrero Avenue
  • 23rd Avenue from Lake to Cabrillo streets
  • 41st Avenue from Lincoln Way to Vicente Street
  • Chenery Street from Burnside Avenue to Lippard Avenue
  • Excelsior Avenue from London to Munich streets
  • Golden Gate Avenue from Masonic Avenue to Broderick Street
  • Kirkham Street from 7th Ave to Great Highway
  • Lake Street from 28th to Second avenues
  • Lane Street from Oakdale Avenue to Third Street
  • Lombard between Mason and Powell streets
  • Mariposa Street from Kansas to Texas streets
  • Ortega Street from 47th to 15th avenues
  • Page Street from Stanyan to Gough streets
  • Sanchez Street from 23rd to 30th streets
  • Shotwell Street from Cesar Chavez to 14th Street
  • Somerset Street from Silver Avenue to Woolsey Street

Phase Three Candidates:

  • 20th Street from San Bruno to Pennsylvania avenues
  • Arkansas from 23rd to 17th streets
  • Arlington from Roanoke to Randall streets
  • Cabrillo Street from 45th to 23rd avenues
  • Cayuga Avenue from Naglee Avenue to Rousseau Street
  • Clay Street from Arguello Boulevard to Steiner Street
  • Duncan from Valencia to Sanchez streets
  • Holly Park Circle
  • Mariposa from Texas to Mississippi streets
  • Minnesota from Mariposa to 22nd streets
  • Noe Street from 18th to Duboce streets
  • Pacific Avenue from Steiner to Gough streets
  • Pierce from Hayes to Duboce streets
  • Tompkins Avenue from Andover to Putnam streets
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1 Comment

  1. August 27, 2020 at 2:52 pm

    Despite having a few signs on the street (which some drivers seem to keep moving or running over), 20th St is no safer for bikes or walking than it was before. I’m not sure if these slow streets are more effective in other neighborhoods, but I was really disappointed with the ones in the Mission.

    The only safe change I’ve seen in our neighborhood is that blocked off area on Valencia Street.