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Tommy’s Joynt is Reopening!

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Photo from the Tommy’s Joynt website

Many of you probably remember back in September when I reported that legendary San Francisco hofbrau place, Tommy’s Joynt, might be closing forever. Fortunately, I was mistaken and within an hour I was able to update that they did plan to open up as soon as they could do it safely and properly.

Luckily that day is nearly upon us.

A couple days ago Tommy’s Joynt updated their Facebook page saying “Getting things put together here and calling back in our long time staff. We will be open soon.”

As SFGate reports, “The San Francisco hofbrau is reopening Oct. 29 with reduced hours and a smaller menu, but the sandwiches will still be piled high with juicy beef brisket and served with a side of mashed potatoes.”

With regards to their famous Thanksgiving Day celebration, SFD Gate also reports that the folks at Tommy’s Joynt say, “We will not have the usual Turkey Day celebration as we don’t want to be a super-spreader. We will see how things go along and if things are good, hopefully we can see many of you here on Thanksgiving.”

One More Apology

I’d like to once again apologize about misreporting that Tommy’s Joynt might close back in September. I love that place so much and I was sad to see it might gone forever. SOOO many people felt the same way and expressed this in the comments on FB, twitter, and on the site. Luckily I was able to rectify it within an hour and get the correct information out there. one very tiny glimmer of good that came out of that mistake is that the announcement that Tommy’s is reopening probably wouldn’t be big news is that debacle hadn’t happened.

A Further Thought on Misinformation

A weird thing happened through all this. A small subsect of people saw this mistake and got it in their mind that that always gets things wrong and is constantly saying things are closing when they aren’t. They then started pushing that rumor around Facebook and now random people will occasionally comment that BAS is constantly getting things wrong. They used our reporting on the Hemlock Tavern and the Elbo Room as examples.

To be fair we put out over 2000 articles a year and occasionally mistakes do happen. But despite the rumors being spread, this was the first time we mistakenly said a place was closed or closing.

Here is the proof:

The Elbo Room

I have no idea why people think we misreported that the Elbow Room was closing. In the article about it I literally just reported what was publicly released, which included a screen shot of their announcement on Facebook. You can see that article right here.

The Hemlock Tavern

This one is a little more confusing because the Hemlock Tavern had actually announced they were closing and then changed the announcement saying they were under new management. You can see in my article how my writing and their embedded instagram post completely contradict. That’s because Hemlock edited their post. Check out my article right here.

For further proof, here’s 48Hills bit on the closing of the Hemlock. As you can see it’s published on the same day as mine and also quotes the statement from the venue. And here’s ABC7 doing the same on the same day.

So what’s weirdly happening now, is that the people mad at me for mistakenly sharing the wrong info, are doing the exact thing they’re upset at me for. The fact that there’s now a narrative that BAS fucks up all the time and/or has ulterior motives is absurd. It just goes to show how easily wrong information is spread on the internet.

Please know that literally everything myself and my team of awesome writers, editors, and journalists does is for the community. Our entire goal is to support local businesses, artists, and working people, and we’ve been doing it for over 15 years. And I’m proud of the work we’ve done and the work we keep doing.

Thanks for coming along on this journey. Hopefully we’ve been able to turn you on to something you didn’t know about before, help you hear a voice or point of view that was new to you, or at the very least, make you giggle a little bit.

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