WATCH: Biden’s Dog Sworn In At First-Ever ‘Indoguration’

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Image: Delaware Humane Association

That very good boy you see above (not Biden, the dog) will be the first rescue pup moving into the White House in the nation’s history. There has not been a dog in the White House for the last four years, because Trump hates dogs. But President-elect Joe Biden Delaware just adopted that German shepherd named Major from the Delaware Humane Association, a no-kill shelter with all manner of dogs and cats to adopt. Since Major will be the first-ever rescue dog to get the White House as his ‘furever’ home, the Delaware Humane Association gave Major an Indoguration ceremony on Sunday, and you can see video of the ceremony below.

The full Indoguration ceremony is 22 minutes, and Josh Groban performs at the 15:10 mark if that does anything for you. (NOTE: Neither Biden nor this particular dog appears live in the video. It’s just pictures of them, but it’s still a pretty good video for anyone who cares about shelter and rescue pets.)  

Image: Delaware Human Society, March 2018

Major has a ‘wags to riches’ life story that’s a real tearjerker. He and his litter of six German Shepherd puppies were abandoned in March 2018, and the little strays ingested some sort of toxic substance left them all extremely sick. An alert good Samaritan swooped them and took them to the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware, and they eventually made their way to the Human Association, as detailed in this Facebook post.

Image: Delaware Human Society

Yes, this is the same dog that Biden fractured his foot playing with in late November.

Will bright lights and big city of Washington DC change Major? Probably. He’s already got a book deal, as his hardcover debut Champ and Major: First Dogs is released on Tuesday. (The Bidens have another German shepherd Champ who is much older.)

Sunday’s event raised more than $100,000 that the Delaware Human Association will use toward their pet food pantry for owners facing financial hardship, discount spay and neuter programs, and low-cost vaccination programs for those in need.


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