BREAKING: SF Has Lifted The 11 p.m. Restaurant Curfew

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Another big domino just fell in San Francisco’s slow but (hopefully) sure return to normal post-COVID life. The SF Department of Public Health just announced that they are lifting the 11 p.m. curfew for restaurants and bars that offer indoor dining. The new freedom for such bars and restaurants takes effect tomorrow, Thursday, April 15.

The announcement had been expected, but is now officially a done deal.


“Indoor dining will expand to include table top cooking and the 11pm end to service requirement is lifted,” according to an announcement just posted Wednesday afternoon to SFMayor,org. “Tables are still limited to 6 people from up to 3 households.”

While the announcement says “Indoor dining,” many bars have adapted and now serve meals along with their drinks to satisfy requirements. So many bars will now be able to return to their normal hours as well, as long as they are serving proper meals.


Bu even bars that don’t serve proper meals get some new freedoms, too. “Outdoor bars may expand to up to 8 people per table without limitations to number of households and group reservations may be made following outdoor dining rules,  the announcement says. But the mayor and DPH adds that “Indoor bars, wineries, breweries and distilleries that do not serve bona fide meals remain closed.” 

San Francisco is still not in the ‘Yellow’ tier, which is the least restrictive in California’s color-coded system. However, live indoor events are allowed again starting Thursday, April 15, though with just 35% capacity, masking and distancing strongly enforced, and proof of a negative test or vaccination required. (That proof is waived for events at 15% capacity and less than 200 people.)

This also comes on the heels of the news that everyone 16 and up in San Francisco is now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. It is exceedingly important that you get that shot as soon as possible. We are still not out of this, at current case rates, there are still about 35 or so San Franciscans getting COVID-19 every day. But if we handle these new freedoms responsibly, we may end this nightmare and truly reopen San Francisco in the not-too-distant future.   

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