Anti-Vaccine Protesters Demolish A COVID-19 Testing Site For No Logical Reason

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Image: @BGOnTheScene via Twitter

A so-called “Teacher’s Protest” Monday against the vaccination mandates for public school teachers and staff may not have been much of a “Teacher’s Protest”  — considering its keynote speaker was the founder of a Black Trumper organization who just did two years time on conspiracy charges (Trump pardoned her). She is certainly not a teacher. But an anti-vaccine protest claiming to be a coalition of New York City public school teachers went down Monday, and so did a free community COVID-19 testing center. Because the anti-vaccine protesters tried to destroy it.

In the footage captured above by video journalist Brendan Gutenschwager, the protest march happens upon a COVID-19 testing center. They immediately begin booing and jeering, punching the van, tearing down the fold-up furniture, and yelling “Shame on you!” (for providing free COVID tests). Fortunately, none of the attending medical staff seemed to have been harmed in the incident.

They also harassed diners at outdoor dining parkets, as if it were somehow the diners’ fault that these parklets exist.

And look at the show of support they get from uniformed NYPD officers!

You can only imagine how much COVID these people are spreading, and how little they care. But do not let that mob behavior make you fear that their message is somehow getting across. As the New York Times reports today, 96% of New York school teachers have complied with the vaccine mandate.


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