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While National Abortion Access Is Challenged in Mississippi, Strike Locally

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“The Supreme Court has a history of ruling aligned with public opinion — when there is enough public attention. If we succeed in creating mass unrest, the Court will likely find an excuse to leave Roe alone,” reads the event page of an initiative organized by Vigil for Democracy.

What’s happening?

Earlier this fall, the Supreme Court rejected the emergency request to block Texas’s abortion ban, and Women’s March for Reproductive Rights took place all over the Bay Area.

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As reported by Kaiser Health News, legislative leaders in California are working with reproductive health experts to strengthen the state’s abortion infrastructure to support patients in the case Roe v. Wade is overturned and more states ban abortion.

The SF Chronicle profiled one East Bay obstetrician and gynecologist who travels out of state to administer abortions at a women’s clinic in Oklahoma, which has seen an uptick in appointments since the ban in Texas took place, and most of these patients are from Texas.

KHN reported that in the case Roe v. Wade is overturned, reproductive rights experts predict 26 states would ban the procedure and California would experience a 3,000% increase in out-of-state patients seeking abortion care.

Striking for choice 

This week, The Strike For Choice is planned for Wednesday, Dec. 1, the day the Supreme Court hears arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Mississippi case challenging Roe v. Wade, which set the precedent for abortion rights in 1973.

There are direct actions planned for Whole Foods and AT&T, two corporations the Vigil for Democracy identified for their influence and ties to Texas and its abortion ban.

Whole Foods’ headquarters is in Texas, though the corporation has not made any public comment on the Texas abortion ban, the event page pointed out. Additionally, the majority of its customers are women. AT&T is the largest donor to Texas legislators who wrote and passed the Texas abortion ban.

In San Francisco, there are seven Whole Food locations and 12 AT&T locations.

To get involved, you can browse planned events by location, start your own, commit to a direct action, or donate to support a striker ($58 is the equivalent of an eight-hour day at the U.S. minimum wage, $7.25).

The Strike For Choice website includes a pocket script to hand out to bystanders onsite at direct actions.

Other endorsers of the event include Resistance SF and Code Pink Golden Gate.

To get involved, reach out to or visit to get started.




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