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The Mother Daughter Duo Handing out Socks to the Unhoused

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For the last 3 Christmases, a mother-daughter duo has hopped on their sleigh and rode around Christmas Eve, handing out new socks to the folks living on the streets of San Francisco.

Darnel Tasker and her daughter Zoe started the tradition during the quarantined Christmas of 2020, as a way to get out, give back, and do something fun, positive, and heartwarming during an especially lonely holiday period.

“The first year on Christmas Eve (2020) my daughter & I hopped on my electric bike and rode around and gave away 50 pairs of socks.  It was such a nice surprise how great it felt to simply give back in that way”.  Darnel told

Darnel did her homework and found out what many on the streets already know, that the #1 requested clothing item for the unhoused are new socks!  The affordability and transportability of this kind of gift was perfect for a Christmas elf and a ‘unicorn’ to handle.

“The next year (2021) we did 100 socks and gave them out all the way from the Pandhandle to the Embarcadero.”
-Darnel Tasker

Darnel is a working artist in San Francisco and has lived in the city 25 years,  you may recognize her illustrations from the SF Hearts she did in 2016 & 2019, and her three aliens illustrations which have been very popular around town.

Or her ‘scared little chickens’ series.  Darnel has quite literally hundreds of cool little characters she has illustrated on cards and prints.  Most recently I saw her work adorning the walls at Barley SF.  (a nice locally owned tap room you should go have a tipple at).

“Be your full power. Inside you is a treasure trove of love and strength. Let it rise to the surface.” – Art Print

Her work has a very warm and positive feel to it, she draws the kind of characters that simply make you smile. 

See the whole series here:

Tasker is an old-school styled San Franciscan with a penchant for DIY and a taste for creativity and fun, “the love I have for San Francisco was about people doing wacky stuff, dressing up, and a lot of that has been gentrified out of here over the years.  It’s important to bring vibrancy back to our city, to keep it creative.” said Darnel. 

Organizing the “Cozy Toes Sock Sprinkle” for xmas delivery.

“This year we already have 300 pairs of socks donated, and we would love to have others join in the magic by either helping warm more toes by donating socks or join us on bike or foot to spread the cheer. If you’re interested DM me, or leave a comment, there is a link in bio for a sock wish list too.” Says Darnel. 

The mother and daughter call the practice “Cozy Toes Sock Sprinkle”, and this year the pair would love to have others join in the magic by either helping warm more toes by donating socks or join them to spread the cheer. If you’re interested DM Darnel at @ddigglesworth leave a comment and there is a link in bio for a sock wish list.

Buy socks to donate here, or better yet shop local!

“Any gesture helps warm some hearts and toes. Thank you for being part of the magic!” – @ddigglesworth

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