7 Times Rush Limbaugh Made Jokes About Other People Dying

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When news broke Wednesday morning that Rush Limbaugh had died of lung cancer, many of us made wisecracks on social media. Others admonished us for making wisecracks upon someone else’s death. But the fact is that making mockery of other people’s deaths was a regular running joke on Limbaugh’s radio show.

We assume you did not listen to the “Rush Limbaugh Show,” so we dug up these examples of Rush Limbaugh making cruel and horrible jokes about people who had just died.


The most cruel recurring segment on Limbaugh’s radio program was a 1980s stint called “AIDS Update,” where he would read off the names of people who’d died of HIV while playing Dionne Warwick’s “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” and Johnny Lee’s “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.”


After the 2014 chokehold killing of Eric Garner, who said “I can’t breathe” 11 times in the moments before his death, Limbaugh said on-air, “I can breathe because I follow the law.”

Ironically, Rush Limbaugh is now dead because his lung cancer left him unable to breathe.


When the Christchurch mosque shootings left 51 people dead and 40 more injured at the hands of an admitted white supremacist in 2019, Limbaugh said that “There’s an ongoing theory that the shooter himself may in fact be a leftist who writes the manifesto and then goes out and performs the deed purposely to smear his political enemies.”


Upon the 1994 suicide of Kurt Cobain, Limbaugh graciously remarked that “Kurt Cobain was, ladies and gentlemen, a worthless shred of human debris.”


When the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg had cancerous nodules removed from her lung in 2018, and still maintained her regular workout regimen, Limbaugh’s website published the article “Left Pins Hopes on Ruth ‘Buzzi’ Ginsburg Workout.’ You can see the Facebook post above, and the accompanying article is still on his website.


Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox is not dead, though was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991. You’d better believe Rush Limbaugh made fun of Fox for it.

“He is exaggerating the effect of the disease,” Limbaugh said, then engaging in highly theatrical arm movement mockery. “It’s purely an act. This is the only time I have ever seen Michael J. Fox show the symptoms of the disease he has.”

“Either he didn’t take his medication, or he’s acting.”


Last February 24, Limbaugh said on his radio show that “Now, I want to tell you the truth about the coronavirus … I’m dead right on this. The coronavirus is the common cold, folks.”

Dead right, indeed. As of today, 2.5 million people worldwide have died from COVID-19.

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura is a two-bit marketing writer who excels at the homoerotic double-entendre. He is training to run a full marathon completely drunk and high, and his work has appeared in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on days when their editors made particularly curious decisions.


  1. Bob
    February 17, 2021 at 5:26 pm

    I think Michael J Fox should accuse Rush Limbaugh of just playing dead to get attention


    • James
      February 19, 2021 at 9:28 am

      me too. he was a slimeball who is currently roasting on a spit in hell. congrats cancer for winning its battle against rush limbaugh

  2. February 18, 2021 at 5:50 pm

    “Hope they take his millions and his Presidential Medal of Freedom and stick ’em far up his dead ass for his legion of ditto-heads to compete for the joy of extraction.”

  3. Thomas Hill
    February 18, 2021 at 11:05 pm

    I remember when he said something to the effect of :all drug addicts should be killed”, then he was outed as an Oxycontin addict. Special place in hell for his hypocritical junkie ass.

  4. Rob
    February 26, 2021 at 4:07 am

    Let’s see. There’s no evidence that he ever made the comments about Kobain and Gardner. You show that you are capable of linking to evidence of what he actually said. Why didn’t you do so with those examples? Also, he wasn’t making fun of Michael J Fox, merely commenting that it was unusual that he hadn’t appeared that way in public before. Further, Fox later admitted that he had not taken his medication in order to demonstrate what Parkinson’s does to him. Your readers expect better from a two-bit marketing writer.