Gavin’s Ex Rumored To Be Returning To California To Run As A Republican

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We don’t normally define women in positions of power by who they dated, because that is an old sexist trope. But we do make that exception for Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, California governor Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife and now Donald Trump Jr.’s main squeeze, because she specifically left her distinguished legal career to become a batshit sexually harassing Fox News host and culture war cartoon character as Donald Trump, Jr’s main squeeze. But the rumor mill is churning that Kim Guilfoyle wants to return to California politics, and is mulling a move back to the state 

That said, the news is a pretty sloppily reported newsletter bullshit rumor from the Politico California Playbook newsletter that is primarily unsourced gossip and speculation presented in meandering sentences.

“Could the former San Francisco deputy district attorney, former First Lady of San Francisco, former wife of Gov. Gavin Newsom — and current love interest of Donald Trump Jr. — possibly be contemplating a return to California?,” the newsletter speculated in its Friday, Feb. 26 edition.  “Guilfoyle, who chaired a key Trump campaign committee, just bought a Florida home with Don Jr. But we’ve heard reports that she has been considering returning to the Golden State — and is being urged by some Republicans to run for public office. If so, expect to see California Democrats reaching for the Tylenol. The best is yet to come,’ as Guilfoyle put it in her now-infamous Republican National Convention speech. Stay tuned.”

There’s little credible news there. Kimmy G and Don, Jr. did just buy a house in Jupiter, Florida, where their new neighbors hate them. Primary residence in Florida would bar her from holding office in California, so she would have to move back here. There is only unsourced information that “we’ve heard reports” and that she’s “being urged by some Republicans to run.”

What would she even run for? Well, in the November 2022 elections, Gavin Newsom’s governor seat, Alex Padilla’s senate seat, and other offices like secretary of state and lieutenant governor, are up for grabs. SFGate points out “The National Republican Congressional Committee recently listed four California districts as targets in the 2022 midterms,” so she could move to one of those districts and run for the House of Representatives.

This is probably overthinking it. The likelier gambit is that she just wants to play troll in the overblown Gavin Newsom recall effort, and get headlines and media attention by signing up to run against her former husband in a right-wing media publicity stunt.


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