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Monthly Hipster Art Party Celebrates Eggbeater: FREE entry for “artists”

Updated: Apr 11, 2009 21:22
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Passover, Easter, the resurrection of Christ, and the exodus from Egypt will all be heartily ignored in favor of a non-discriminatory posting about a party celebrating something that clearly deserves acknowledgement: the eggbeater.  In my experience the bastard is hard to clean up – I always tried to lick the beaters themselves or would spend minutes collecting beaten residue with my little fingers – but apparently he knows how to put on a tux.  Now, a reasonable question is  “why”? Why are people people celebrating this humble tool from the ’20’s that I’ve only used for motorboating heavy whipping cream?  My guess is that someone dampened some sunglasses, lit a fart to partially evaporate the moisture, placed the sunglasses on a stranger, and then asked them to identify the form they saw on the lens, Rorschach ink-blot style.  The answer, delivered with confusion through residual ignited methane is “an eggbeater”! And Shizzam, a party for an eggbeater. Why do I say that? Well, because the people behind the single-object obsessed shindig are anti-aestheticism Dadaists who describe the event as follows:  a “genre-smashing party for intelligent technophiles & discerning fetishists”.  My postulation seems both appropriately random for them to continue churning out objects worthy of some worship AND is fringe and gross.  


 “Objectify” is hosted at the Delancey (168 Delancey Street @ Clinton) once a month.  Complete info is available on their website.  Here are the essential details. 


When: Sunday, April 12th.  Doors open at 9pm, goes til 4am.

Where: The Delancey (168 Delancey @ Clinton) 

How to Get in Free:  entry is $20 if you don’t get gussied up, $10 if you dress to the nines, and FREE for “artists” (this is Dadaism, we are all artists folks) who bring 2D/3D art, offer a performance, or otherwise “PartYcipate”. 

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