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The Best Wild Animal Videos To Put Your Mind at Ease During COVID

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Many of us are spending a lot more time at home during shelter in place, and if you are like me. you’re missing the great outdoors.  I find myself watching videos of wild animals on youtube far more frequently than in the past, and there is a treasure trove of animal channels I’ve discovered.

Here are the best wild animal feeds in sanctuaries, preserves, and even households around the world..seems like the wild is doing just fine during COVID…and if you want to see videos of wild animals appearing in the streets around world due to shelter in place, you can see those here.

The Lion Whisperer

Kevin Rene Richardson, known as “The Lion Whisperer”, is a South African YouTube personality and self-taught sanctuary owner who works with African lions, leopards, Hyenas and more.   His relationships with big cats in Africa is nothing short of incredible, you won’t ever get closer.

Humane Baby Fox Removal

Gates Wildlife Control is your new favorite Canadian animal removal team with an amazing youtube channel.  The professional and humane wild animal removal service out of Toronto, Canada. They politely and delicately remove Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Birds when they set up shop in peoples attics and sheds, which happens quite a bit in cold climates.

The Chubbiest group of raccoon stowaways

Racoons are nature’s little burglars.  They’re even born with a little bandit mask across their eyes, and little opposable thumbs to open up your trashcans or pantry doors with.  They is a treasure trove of raccoon content youtube.

Raccoon heroic attempt at stealing bird seed

Racoon, cat & dog jumping challenge

Tito The Raccoon was rescued when he was only 3 weeks old, and was quickly made a youtube star by his owner.  Although recently Tito escaped his weird domestic life and is currently MIA, his former owner got a new rescue racoon named ‘Cheeto’.  Yes, it is a weird way to make a living, they sell merch and everything. But the some of their videos are delightful.

Ferret Pool Party

The world’s greatest squirrel obstacle course

This engineer had a lot of extra time on his hands and built the American Ninja Warrrior equivalent for squirrels.  It’s amazing.

wildlife crossing a log bridge in Pennsylvania

Bush’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera and many other trail camera channels capture wild animals as they pass through the sticks, and in their natural state.  It’s incredibly soothing to watch these wonderful animals in their natural habitat.

Bikini Elephant Washing Party

Remember the netfilx documentary the ‘Tiger King’?  And remember Doc Antle and his big, weird, animal sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, rumored to be run by dozens of his ‘grilfriends’?  Lol, well here’s his daughter, Tawny Antle’s, one of the products of all those girlfriends.  Making elephant washing sexy again.  Their videos are a bit cringe, but worth the watch.

Jessica the Hippo

A rescue hippo…yes that is a thing, and yes, it is hilarious, and yes they feed Jessica green beans in their kitchen and milk from the bottle.  In their words,  “Jessica may not be a baby hippo anymore, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying a bottle of her favorite tea, sleeping on the porch with the family dog, or eating dinner in the kitchen with her human parents, Tonie and Shirley Joubert.”

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