10 Feb 2022

Letter From an SF Teacher: Don’t Recall our School Board!

By Gloria Maciejewski A lifelong educator with SFUSD and a district parent Nothing has been more anxiety-provoking and stressful than experiencing the COVID19 pandemic as both a parent of two kids, and an educator who has dedicated my life to public elementary schools in SFUSD. During school closure, I helped

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31 May 2023

The Character Assassination of San Francisco

These media pieces aren’t appalled by the conditions that create seas of unhoused people, but are appalled that housed, professional people have to deal with them…This is media outrage focused not at systemic injustice, but based in disgust at the victims of injustice.

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A group of men.
29 May 2023

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Proves San Francisco Is Still Amazing

It’s been a dismal time to read about our beloved Paris of the West in the news these days. As it has in the past — notably in the 1980s in the grips of local political assassinations and the HIV crisis — San Francisco is the ire of national outlets

26 May 2023

Steph Curry’s Foundation Makes Lasting Impact on Six Oakland Schools

Steph Curry’s deep connection to Oakland shined bright this week as his foundation announced love and support for city’s schools and local teachers. Amidst the aftermath of a prolonged teachers strike, six Oakland schools have received a much-needed boost. Steph and Ayesha Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation announced this week

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26 May 2023

Fighting the Insect Apocalypse in Bayview-Hunter’s Point

The insect apocalypse is here. The small but mighty base of food webs and vital pollinators the world over are dropping in population at a record pace. To put it bluntly, without bugs, we are in deep trouble. Isaiah Powell and his partner Danielle Calibird Fernandez from Dragonspunk are looking

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25 May 2023

The Full Queer, Activist Wrestlers Gripping the Bay

“Wrestling is my protest art. We are all going through things that feel as insurmountable as getting up from a flying elbow drop or gutwrench power bomb. If I get up, you can get up too. Our victory is in our resilience.” – Rosie Fingers (she/her)

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23 May 2023

San Francisco Will Pay You $5,000 to Throw Outdoor Parties

While many neighborhoods are experiencing a resurgence since the the pandemic began to dwindle, San Francisco is still being plagued by a false reputation as the seventh circle of hell. While there are undoubtedly some major problems in SF, the vast majority of the city is nothing like the way

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A person surfing.
22 May 2023

Meet the Queer Surfers Keeping the Bay Area Inclusive

It’s been a rough winter for surfing in the NorCal region. Thanks to a deluge of atmospheric rivers and subsequent flooding, it’s been cold and sloppy offshore. But things are looking up as spring bounds into summer. And Queer Surf, a nonprofit founded in 2016 by former pro surfer Kyla