23 Nov 2021

8 Things to Avoid and Discuss this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving seems to have gotten intense the last decade or so. Granted it was always a time fraught with family wide arguments about politics or sports. Maybe someone brought a vegan home or a person of color to a family with beneath the surface racisms. But this year has been

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cover photo; shang chi pulls the "stop requested" cord amid a bus fight scene in "shang chi and the seven rings"
22 Nov 2021

SF Muni Operator Breaks Down the Shang-Chi Bus Fight, Play-by-Play

One Muni operator’s analysis, fact-checking, and commentary on what the SF Chronicle described as the ‘second-best San Francisco car chase of all time‘ has won over the hearts of Marvel enthusiasts and public transit advocates alike. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings features a martial arts fight scene

09 Nov 2021

The Best Dates You Can Go on This Weekend (Alone or With Others!)

Every Tuesday our subscribers get this awesome roundup in their inboxes. You should sign up right here to make sure you never miss a thing. Lucero is coming to the UC Theatre! Since forming in late the ‘90s, this group of Memphis road-dogs has mixed heartfelt lyrics with the sounds

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02 Nov 2021

Dance Right Into This Week’s Best Events!

Every Tuesday our subscribers get this awesome roundup in their inboxes. You should sign up right here to make sure you never miss a thing. This week is one for all you dance-lovers, from world premieres to live performances to films and DJ dance parties, from hip hop to cumbia

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21 Oct 2021

What Comedians Actually Think of the New Chappelle Special

The Controversy  There has been tremendous backlash in the  LGBTQ communities, as well as an unnerving silence from a range of Comedians in regards to the heated controversy around Dave Chapelle’s latest Comedy special The Closer.  Where is the appropriate line in “comedy” — from low brow humor to the

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21 Jun 2021

It’s Time for Me to Send You a Weird Postcard!

It’s time for me to send out weird postcards again! And real talk…the one I’ve got coming up is definitely the most ridiculous yet. So here’s how it works: Join the Broke-Ass Stuart Patreon at $6 or above and you’ll get weird postcards 4 times a year! Not only will

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03 Jun 2021

Artist Makes Cicada Band, Olympic Team, and much more

We’ve heard a lot about cicadas this Spring, their massive numbers, their strange 17 year life cycle, and the incredible sound they make at all hours.  But I bet you haven’t heard about they’re band yet. I bet you haven’t seen the Cicada Olympics, or how good little Cicadas went

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30 Apr 2021

This Might Be the Best Shirt We’ve Ever Made

  I love this shirt so much. It might literally be the best shirt we’ve ever made. It’s so clever that it’s stupid. Or maybe it’s so stupid that it’s clever. Regardless, it’s both stupid and clever. And that is exactly why it is awesome! Who knew irony could be

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