01 Feb 2024

The Bay’s Legendary Eco-Artist: Bonnie Ora Sherk

Bonnie Ora Sherk is a bit of an ecological art legend in the Bay Area and beyond.  College Students learn about her work in environmental art classes, children practice her ideas at her Living Libraries, San Franciscans enjoy her visions in the green spaces of our city, and marketers should probably study her performance art as a model for garnering positive public attention and support.
BONNIE ORA SHERK: LIFE FRAMES SINCE 1970 Exhibit at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture (FMCAC)

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07 Dec 2023

All The Cool Titles On Netflix In December 2023

Hooray, the SAG-AFTRA membership has voted to ratify their new contract!  This strike is officially over.  As an added bit of karmic justice, Netflix, who’s part of SAG-AFTRA’s opposite number the AMPTP, is dealing with the fallout of foolishly handing over $55 million to a director who failed to produce

07 Dec 2023

Frank Somerville is ‘Cool’ Again & He’s Letting the World Know

Today, Frank is flexing on Facebook, saying that he’s “6 months clean and sober.”  You can read his post below, and admire his guns.  As he says in his post, “Pretty cool that I can rock a compression muscle shirt at 65 years old and not embarrass my two daughters.”

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28 Nov 2023

Best Bay Area Events 11/28-12/4

  Long Time Reader, First Time Writing In By Vanessa Gil, Arts & Events Editor Hi, I’m Vanessa… the new Arts & Events Editor, and here’s what I’m most excited about for the week of 11/28… Our Partners’ Events The Lost Church SF December Calendar | 988 Columbus Ave., SF |

31 Aug 2023

The Amazing Rockstar Photo Exhibit at CJM

On a warm night at the CJM, a crowd of Deadheads, hippies, music lovers, and photography fans gathered to hear a legend speak about a lifetime of documenting popular culture.  Rockstar photographer Jay Blakesberg held a talk about capturing musicians in San Francisco since the late 70s, from Jerry Garcia

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24 Aug 2023

Amazing Art Structures Being Built at Burning Man 2023

While most people arrive on the Playa after everything is already built, most of the artists have been hauling, digging, hammering, strapping, sawing, and polishing in the dust (and rain) for weeks now, moving thousands of pounds of steel, glass, timber, (and elbow grease) onto a prehistoric lake bed in

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20 Jul 2023

Powerful Women’s World Cup Commercial Goes Viral

The Women’s World Cup began today in Australia and New Zealand, with the two host countries winning against their first opponents.  The French National team has been making the headlines this week on top of an ingenious ad campaign in partnership with the France Men’s National Team, watch it below:

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26 Jan 2023

22 Years of Dark, Artful, Debauchery in San Francisco: The Edwardian Ball

Rosin Coven are exiting an era with one, final blowout bacchanal on all 4 floors of the Regency Ballroom.

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