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24 Apr 2020

Bay Area Artists: Sources for Emergency Grants

Most grant giving organizations are overwhelmed right now.  Many have already given away all their money and are looking for more donors to second or third rounds of grants & loans.  So, artists, realize that some of these organizations may be maxed out, and all will have different timelines, guidelines

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14 Jan 2021

San Francisco’s Prolific Street Artist : Calamity Fair

The “Artist You Should Know” series highlights Bay Area artists who are doing incredible work, it’s our way of supporting the creative community and helping to keep San Francisco a strange and wonderful place.  If you’ve walked the streets of San Francisco this decade, you most likely will recognize this work.

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17 Dec 2020

The Paintings of Karen Pence

Karen Pence, the wife of soon to be ex-vice president Mike Pence, is a painter.  Back in 2016 she told the Indy Star, that she studied art at Butler, where she majored in teaching and minored in art. “I thought, gosh, ‘I’d like to learn more about art.’ I pulled it out

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12 Nov 2020

The 6 Greatest Bay Area Rappers Of All Time

This article, like all the other great articles written about black music and culture, is written by a white guy who doesn’t make music. In other words, my opinion is ABSOLUTE FACT AND IF YOU DISAGREE… YOU’RE WRONG! This article is also being written during the anniversary month of the

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10 Nov 2020

San Francisco Transgender Film Festival Goes Virtual Amid Pandemic

In spite of the pandemic, the annual San Francisco Transgender Film Festival will go on as scheduled, albeit online. Now in its 22nd year, the event offers trans and gender non-conforming filmmakers a chance to reach a broad audience. This year’s festival runs this Thursday through Sunday. Shawna Virago, artistic

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22 Oct 2020

Salesforce Tower Display to be ‘Blood Red River’ for Halloween

The tallest building in San Francisco is once again lighting up with Halloween spirit.  Light artist Jim Campbell, the creator of the Salesforce Tower’s massive light installation, is projecting ‘ a blood red river’ as the theme for 2020’s Halloween night, a spokeswoman for Campbell told us this week. In

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08 Oct 2020

SF’s 87 Public Monuments & What We Should Do With Them

You have seen them all all around our city, maybe you leaned against one during a walk through Golden Gate Park, or maybe you saw one on the news getting taken down with a crane.  Maybe you meet next one every year at 5:12 a.m. on April 18th, along with

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01 Oct 2020

The Bohemian Streetcar Neighborhood On Ocean Beach, ‘Carville’ by the Sea

Carville, San Francisco.  The bohemian beach neighborhood created by San Francisco artists, and made out of discarded railcars that stood from 1895-1930’s.  Yes, this is a magical piece of SF History. In 1895 the Market Street Railway Company began selling old abandoned horse-drawn railcars, “$20 with seats, $10 without. ”

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