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16 Nov 2022

Local Legend Paul Madonna Recovering from Severe Injuries of Hit & Run

On Sunday, November 6th legendary San Francisco author and artist Paul Madonna was driving home in his SmartCar through McLaren Park when he was struck head-on by a Mercedes Benz driving in the wrong lane at approximately 65 mph.   Witnesses of the crash reported that the Mercedes then fled the

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08 May 2023

How This Mission District Literary Show Leaves You Happier Than You’ve Ever Been

BY CASEY BENNETT  Happy endings aren’t all that they are cracked up to be. What’s so good about characters riding off into the sunset and living “happily ever after”? Boring.   What is not boring is Happy Endings, the monthly reading series, held the second Tuesday of every month at The

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05 May 2023

Musician To Know: Criibaby – Making Music More Inclusive

On May 12th, The SF LGBT Center on Market is having a FREE concert & workshop called “Queer Vibes”, featuring Bay Area musician Criibaby. Criibaby just came back from Austin’s SXSW and has brought her SXSW set back with her as well as an interactive instrument which casts a gorgeous

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04 May 2023

Artists Turn Abandoned Victoria Secret’s into Art Gallery & Collective

When a Bay Area mall lies empty, and can no longer sell bras, cookies, and other commercial crap…in step the artists to reimagine the space.

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02 May 2023

Vacant to Vibrant: Artists to Fill Vacant SF Storefronts

Transforming downtown SF vacancies into vibrant communities, shaped by local participation.

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28 Apr 2023

These Artists Are Inviting You to Their Epic “Divorce Party”

Gawd, some days I just love living here. And most especially love when I find out about a event which is just goofy and thoughtful enough to be deemed “so Bay Area”. In West Oakland, on May 6th, a group of Bay Area artists and musicians are putting together an

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27 Apr 2023

Walking With the Ecosexuals

Tree Hugging, Grassalingus and Finding Your E-Spot: Walking With the Ecosexuals

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20 Apr 2023

World Goth Day Festival is Back in the Bay

All Day Subculture Dark Art and Music Festival that draws a merry band of nomadic, feral and cultishly-dedicated, awesomely awe-inspiring, anomalously aberrant, distinctively divergent and devient, as well as idiosyncratic and individualistic misfit artists from near and as far away as New York, South Carolina, Portland, and Los Angeles who regularly participate in the now, nearly 40, annual fantastical and festishized themed Curiosities Shows, Peculiar Pop-Ups, Residencies and Festival events projected for 2023. 

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