24 Apr 2020

Bay Area Artists: Sources for Emergency Grants

Most grant giving organizations are overwhelmed right now.  Many have already given away all their money and are looking for more donors to second or third rounds of grants & loans.  So, artists, realize that some of these organizations may be maxed out, and all will have different timelines, guidelines

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24 Apr 2020

COVID Resources for SF Bay Area Residents & Workers

Links to all COVID related information sites for residents and workers in the Bay Area
Data, laws, safety, housing, homeless, grants/loans, unemployment, groceries, food banks

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24 Sep 2021

We Wanna Send You and a Friend to Dead Rabbits Valhalla!

You know what’s metal AF? Rescuing bunnies from medical testing labs. And what better way to do this badass thing than to lean into the badassery, right? Dead Rabbits Valhalla is an immersive experience where top comedians and pro wrestlers must team up and fight for the first Dead Rabbits

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23 Sep 2021

SF Giants Announcer Suggests Cocktails & ‘Gummies’ after Dodgers Lose

This wouldn’t be news in San Francisco if it hadn’t happened on television, but beloved baseball announcers Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper had a short discussion on air concerning just how to celebrate Los Angeles Dodger loses. Broadcast clip here: Kruk and Kuip are the best 😂 — SF

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22 Sep 2021

‘Family Guy’ Does Vaccine PSA, MAGAs Furious With Cartoon Baby

OH GAWD, Brian. 1900s-era animated series Family Guy returns for yet another season this Sunday night, so in hopes of some free good publicity, Seth MacFarlane and the show’s creators did a three-minute, forty-second public service announcement encouraging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s pretty funny (for Family Guy)

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22 Sep 2021

There’s More People Working At Dreamforce Than Attending Dreamforce

We’ve taken it easy on making fun of Dreamforce this year, considering that the 2021 iteration of the annual corporate “brand festival” has very wisely scaled down their attendance over Delta variant concerns. But their lowered attendance has led to a curious ratio. There are more people working at Dreamforce

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22 Sep 2021

California State Fair Adds Marijuana Competition Category

State and county fairs are known for their charming Americana competitions where judges award prizes to livestock, 4-H booths, crop art, and varieties of plants and produce. And here in California, the state fair is adding a new category of plants and produce. The California State Fair announced Tuesday that

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22 Sep 2021

The Nicest Things Customers Have Ever Done for Their Servers

All too often, we hear about the horrible things that customers have said or done to their servers. After all, those are the stories that everyone wants to click and make go viral for all the Internet to see. But every once in a while, a customer might go out

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