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24 Jan 2023

New Publication ‘Substrate Arts’ to Launch

Among the key industries that seem to always be suffering both in San Francisco and nationwide, journalism and the arts are definitely strong contenders. Quality journalism about the arts? Almost nonexistent, until now. Starting with a soft launch in October 2022 and moving towards a full launch in 2023, seven

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23 Jan 2023

You Can Watch the Slamdance Film Festival From Your Own Couch

For those who haven’t decamped for Park City to check out the 2023 Slamdance Film Festival, you don’t need to panic and shell out $250 for an All Access Pass. This annual festival by filmmakers for filmmakers has a virtual component running from January 23-29, 2023. From the comfort of

02 Jan 2023

All The Great Stuff Coming To Netflix In January 2023

For those who find comfort in the familiar, Netflix opens January with the entire “Rocky” series and such Tom Cruise blockbusters as “Minority Report” and the original “Top Gun.” Those who are happy stepping out of their programming comfort zones will find Netflix’s offerings from Asia this month particularly appealing.

29 Dec 2022

The Cool Stuff On Hulu In January 2023

January means the start of a new year.  It also unfortunately means the start of the Rethuglican-dominated House Of Representatives playing poo baseball with the legislative process.  Fortunately, Hulu’s January offerings include several titles likely to send those wannabe fascists into public screeching frenzies. There’s an acclaimed pro-abortion film from

09 Dec 2022

How Stuart (& other creators) Edit Videos for FREE

Easily work on editing a video for multiple formats (TikTok, IG, Facebook,YouTube) with collaborators, remotely, at the same time.

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05 Dec 2022

A Glimpse at an Unrecognizable San Francisco During the Gold Rush

Let’s take it back to San Francisco during the California Gold Rush of 1848. The discovery of gold marked a turning point for the Bay Area, ushering in a new era of industrialization. This was of course, at the expense of the native Ohlone people, who had been suffering enslavement

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05 Dec 2022

All The Cool Stuff Coming To Netflix In December 2022

Besides the usual holiday-themed stuff, Netflix in December offers some streaming surprises. There are shows involving talking egg yolks, CGI dancers, and even a telekinetic little girl. For those who missed the second Benoit Blanc film in the theaters, it debuts on Netflix this month. There are also new versions

01 Dec 2022

The 19th Another Hole In The Head Film Festival Is Here!

Mundanes will wonder why the 19th Another Hole In The Head Film Festival (hereafter “AHITH”) is screening in December rather than, say, October.  The zombies, giant monsters, and serial killers populating AHITH’s offerings this year seem more appropriate around Halloween rather than its current scheduled dates of December 1-18, 2022.