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01 Dec 2022

The 19th Another Hole In The Head Film Festival Is Here!

Mundanes will wonder why the 19th Another Hole In The Head Film Festival (hereafter “AHITH”) is screening in December rather than, say, October.  The zombies, giant monsters, and serial killers populating AHITH’s offerings this year seem more appropriate around Halloween rather than its current scheduled dates of December 1-18, 2022. 

16 Nov 2022

I Need To Get Real With You for A Minute

I get that this is the cost of doing business, but the flip side is that nearly all media, from music to writing to photography, is now expected to be free. The traditional business model has failed, and the only sustainable one going forward is for readers to support the publications they love and rely on.

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14 Nov 2022

John Waters Interview: The Pope of Trash Talks New Xmas Special & Novel

The Pope of Trash is back for Christmas lunacy throbbing in his veins. Cockeyed. Rabid. Ready to reinfect the lunatic fringe with holiday jeer.

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10 Nov 2022

S.F.’s Transgender & Arab Film Festivals Are Here!

Tired of the GQP and the right-wing mediasphere spouting tons of public lies about trans kids and Arabs?  Need some real and accurate images of the transgendered and the Arabs?  Then two film festivals happening this week have what you need.  Starting this week are the 25th San Francisco Transgender

04 Nov 2022

The 47th American Indian Film Festival is Coming to San Francisco

Reservation Dogs obviously does not present the only visual story that can be told about Native American life. But the trick for interested viewers is finding those cinematic stories. Fortunately for those readers living in the San Francisco Bay Area,  the American Indian Film Festival (hereafter “AIFF”) is back to

31 Oct 2022

The Cool Stuff Coming To Hulu In November 2022

Hulu may be unleashing some viewers’ inner Scrooge with a bombardment of Christmas-themed movies. Fortunately, for those who want to avoid saccharine overdose, there are still some worthwhile films to check out this month. See Ryan Coogler’s highly acclaimed directorial debut. Watch Karen Gillan being forced to kill herself, but

31 Oct 2022

The Cool Stuff Coming To Netflix In November 2022

November on Netflix may make viewers feel that the holidays have come early. This month, viewers can take in the returns of Milly Bobby Brown playing Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister and Cuphead and Mugman’s semi-retro animation thrills.  There’s the new thriller from the creators of “Dark” and a workplace comedy

26 Oct 2022

The SF Leonard Cohen Festival Will Be Pure Magic!

The 2022 San Francisco Leonard Cohen Festival Presented by Conspiracy of Beards Will Be Presented November 4, 5, and 6 at The Lost Church and Balboa Theater  Presented each November by San Francisco’s Conspiracy of Beards, a choir of men that sing the songs of Leonard Cohen, the San Francisco

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