Stuart Schuffman


Stuart Schuffman, aka 'Broke-Ass Stuart', is an author, journalist, and social justice activist. He founded this site in 2007, as a platform for community expression and local news dedicated to working class people. He also has a weekly column, Broke-Ass City, which appears every other Thursday in the San Francisco Examiner.

Alex Mak

Managing Editor & Community Outreach

Alex is managing editor and co-owner of this experiment. He's best known for his local news coverage and interviews with community members. He's got degrees in philosophy (public policy) and in cultural anthropology. He loves art, artists, restaurants, satire, travel, nightlife, and the Bay Area.

Nik Wojcik

East Bay Editor

Nik oversees all East Bay news and content writing. She is a journalist, editor, student, single mom to a pack of wolves, foodie, music lover, resident smart ass, and champion of vulgarity and human kindness.

Stephen Torres

SF Political Columnist

Stephen writes the BAS Voter Guides and is a Board Member of the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club. He has written for the SF Bay Guardian, Bold Italic and 7x7.

Vijay Prakash

Lead Web Developer

Professional Full stack Web designer and Web developer with more than 10+ yrs of vast expertise, with great special love for LAMP, MEAN stacks & WordPress.



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Joe Kukura

News Columnist

Joe has written for SF Weekly, Sfist, and Thrillist. He covers news, nightlife and the service industry in the Bay Area.

Amiee Kushner

Director of Finance and Operations

Amiee specializes in Small business and non-profits. All aspects of company formation, including government filings, financial management, hiring and HR. Office and procedural re-organization. LLC and 501c(3) accounting procedures.

Peter Astrid Kane

News Columnist

Peter-Astrid Kane (they/them) is the Communications Manager for San Francisco Pride and a former editor of SF Weekly.

Att. Daniel Wayne

Housing Columnist

Daniel is a Tenant's Rights Attorney, and a contributing columnist to BAS since 2015. He writes about Eviction defense, tenant harrassment, and fields questions from the community about their housing situations.

Peter Wong

Film Columnist

Peter writes about the Bay Area film scene with an emphasis on independent films, festivals, and filmmakers for BAS. His film review work also appears regularly in Beyond Chron.

Lizzie Locker

Events Editor

Lizzie Locker has been an artist, entertainer, and “glamour girl” since birth. Since 2017, Lizzie has been writing professionally for small businesses, as well as creatively. She has published essays in VIE Magazine, and has written website and social media content for pole dance studios, afterschool programs, and reference sites. At the same time, Lizzie has also continued to develop her performance career at queer nightlife events across the Bay Area. She can be found both onstage and off, reading her stories aloud in bars, emceeing drag and burlesque shows, and producing arts events that defy genre and expectation.