13 Feb 2024

Cop Drives Over New People’s Park Mural

A day of “participatory painting, music, and poetry” was held beyond the perimeter of industrial cargo containers at People’s Park in Berkeley on Sunday.  Artists and protestors shut down a portion of Bowditch Street and painted a large mural designed by artist David Solnit.   View this post on Instagram

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23 Jan 2024

Monkeybrains: The Bay Area’s Anti-Corporate, Anti-Monopoly Internet Service

They have been a local, independent internet service provider since 1998 and have developed a rabid following because, quite simply, they rock. And I’m not just saying this because they’re giving me money to do so, I’ve been a very satisfied, paying customer of theirs for over seven years now.

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City hall.
08 Jan 2024

SF Housing Justice Coalition Pens Letter to the State

As San Francisco’s homelessness issue continues in full-force, documented by none other than Andrew Callahan’s Channel 5 News in fall 2023, the city continues to try to catch up to state-mandated construction goals. In December a possible break came when supervisors agreed to a mayor-led plan to reduce red tape

01 Jan 2024

San Francisco’s “Byzantine” Housing Protocol Just Got a Boost

As the new year unfurls, there’s a glimmer of hope in San Francisco’s infamous housing crisis. On December 5, 2023 the Board of Supervisors approved a “constraints reduction ordinance” that the California Department of Housing and Community Development, known as HCD, then approved. According to the Chronicle this comes at the

22 Nov 2023

How San Francisco is Addressing the Challenge of Trans Homelessness

By Taylor Heeden, Carolina Public Press Homelessness among LGBTQ+ identifying people is far more prevalent than in other communities, with transgender and gender-nonconforming people unhoused at the highest rate in the community. According to the Texas Homeless Network and the Trevor Project, one in three transgender people in the United

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12 Oct 2023

Ask a Tenant Lawyer: What to Know Before Signing a Lease in San Francisco

Ask a Tenant Lawyer is your chance to learn how to survive as a renter in San Francisco. Tenant’s Rights Attorney Daniel Wayne represents residential tenants in landlord/tenant disputes in the Bay Area.  Have a landlord-tenant question you’d like to see covered? Send an email to alex@brokeassstuart.com and we’ll forward

28 Sep 2023

Investing in the Future: Why SF’s School Salary Negotiations Matter to All

In San Francisco, a not so quiet battle is unfolding that has far-reaching implications for everyone, regardless of whether you have children. The salary negotiations for the San Francisco Unified School District may seem like a localized issue, but they hold the power to shape the city’s future, impact its

22 Sep 2023

Inside Oakland’s Most Unique House: The Moonlight Manor

The Moonlight Manor is Oakland’s most unique house with artistically themed rooms built by a community of talented Bay Area artists. Last week, I had the privilege of touring this space and sitting down with the owner to unveil the fascinating and touching true story behind this exceptional home and

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