31 May 2023

The Character Assassination of San Francisco

These media pieces aren’t appalled by the conditions that create seas of unhoused people, but are appalled that housed, professional people have to deal with them…This is media outrage focused not at systemic injustice, but based in disgust at the victims of injustice.

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21 Mar 2023

What I Learned When I Was Homeless In The Bay Area

Winter is almost over. The days when the marine layer creeps in all the way to the Oakland hills are getting fewer and fewer. Oak leaves scatter across the gutters that are scattered with the debris of human habitation, blankets, syringes, old clothes and food containers The afternoon light hits sideways and it’s dark by 7 PM.  

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14 Mar 2023

Ploughshares Nursery: The Garden Center That Houses Homeless People

The Bay Area is littered with garden centers and nurseries, all boasting the best-looking plants and popular species. So what makes Ploughshares Nursery any different? One hundred percent of the profit is donated towards housing the homeless.

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28 Feb 2023

Why Cities Are Usually Better Than The Suburbs

There are two kinds of beauty in the world: the beauty of humanity and the beauty of nature. The world’s population centers often act as melting pots, not only of races and ethnicities, but also of ideas. In well-developed cities, specific neighborhoods can easily become hubs for certain segments of a population

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07 Feb 2023

Could a Turkey Style Earthquake Happen in California?

Turkey’s tectonic predicament, responsible for the massive quake that struck Kahramanmaras at 4:17 Monday morning, looks awfully familiar.  The tectonic situation in Turkey nearly mirrors California’s. Similar mechanics are at work here. Our dominant faults shove landmasses past one another in opposing directions, much like theirs. The major difference is,

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19 Jan 2023

SF’s Newest Theater Opened With The Amazing Neo-Futurists!

New venue, new menu, the legendary Neo-Futurists took residency and debuted The Infinite Wrench in San Francisco’s 447 Minna Black Box Theater last Friday

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10 Jan 2023

California Storms Continue Causing Trouble

Back-to-back storms have characterized this winter in ways unseen since the nineties. Flash flooding in low-lying areas on surface streets, freeways, busy city intersections and residential zones. Landslides on forested and urbanized slopes closing coastal highways and threatening homes. Washouts that swallow portions of piers and historic promenades have been

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05 Jan 2023

San Franciscans Are Naming Their Storm Drains & it’s Amazing

Yes that’s right, if you formally adopt a drain and take on the responsibility of keeping it clear of debris, (and our streets free of floods) you also get to name your drain!

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