25 Jul 2021

When the Lights Come Up in the City: Bayview Strong

Broke-Ass Stuart tours three neighborhoods in partnership with heresaymedia and  MEAGHAN MITCHELL to learn how businesses and community leaders pivoted to success during the pandemic. First up: the Bayview. 

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01 Jul 2021

5 of California’s 10 Dirtiest Beaches are in the Bay Area

According to an annual report testing CA beach waters,of California’s 10 worst polluted beaches, 3 are in San Mateo County, 1 in Santa Cruz County, and 1 is in San Francisco at ‘Candlestick Point, Windsurfer Circle‘. If you are a windsurfer, you may want to avoid venturing into the waters

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24 Jun 2021

The San Francisco I Remember, is Gone Forever

By Justine Hall It has been three years since Iʼve been home. I moved away due to soaring rent and cost of living, like many others who grew up in San Francisco. With all the craziness of the last year and a half, I have found myself terribly homesick. I

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03 Jun 2021

A New Morning, Life Returning to Normal

We were somewhere outside Manteca, California when I realized I didn’t have to worry anymore. My girlfriend and I had stopped for gas in one of those strip malls along the highway where every fast-food chain you could think of was ready to take your order. Hundreds of people in

13 May 2021

Specs’ is Officially Reopening on May 20th!

Specs’ 12 Adler Museum Cafe, the western jewel of dive bars and our city’s home to philosophers, novelists, travelers, progressives, poets, punks, drunks and broke-asses, is finally reopening! Specs’ celebrated it’s 53rd birthday this past April 26th, now it’s going to celebrate its grand re-opening this Thursday May 20th! Hours

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13 Apr 2021

We Escaped to the Mountains for a Few Days to Explore Wylder Hope Valley

We desperately needed to get out of San Francisco. Other than a couple trips to Oakland to see friends, Kayla and I hadn’t left The City in something like seven months. We were getting pretty stir crazy. Luckily an email arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago that would scratch that itch.

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06 Apr 2021

Oakland International Airport Standoff Ends After Nearly Four Hours

A standoff with an armed man at the Oakland International Airport came to an end Tuesday morning after nearly four hours. According to witness reports, the man appeared to have a knife and was threatening to commit suicide. The outer area of Terminal 1 was evacuated as law enforcement responded

26 Mar 2021

Southwest Pilot Caught on Live Mic Ranting About “Bay Area F—ing Weirdos”

Ahhhhh Yes! This is what the internet was made for. Apparently a pilot for Southwest was flying over the Bay Area when he was recorded over the Mineta San Jose International Airport’s air traffic control scanner, going off on an absolutely incredible rant. The website One Mile at a Time

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