31 Jan 2024

How to Get the Most Vacation Days with Your PTO

Did you know that the United States is the second worst country in the world for paid vacation days? Yes really. the average American gets only 10 paid vacation days a year. The only country worse than us is Micronesia…which I too just had to google. Believe it or not,

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A tree.
29 Jan 2024

Have Y’all Ever Been to San Francisco’s Mount Olympus?

For those who have never heard of Ashbury Heights, a literally lofty micro neighborhood above Cole Valley, don’t worry: You’re one thousand percent not alone. Possibly just to appease property developers, possibly because it has actually been a Thing for a long time, the small area at the bottom of

24 Dec 2023

How to Travel to Hong Kong on the Cheap

I recently went to Hong Kong and did it incredibly cheaply. Everyone talks about how expensive Hong Kong is, and to be fair, if you want to, you can spend a lot of money. But it’s also possible to do it quite cheaply. This is how I did it: Flights

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A burger.
11 Dec 2023

Lunch Aboard Amtrak Is a Burger-Filled Majesty

BY DAVID COPPIN LANEGAN David Coppin Lanegan (@willybillybilliam, is a writer and musician. Find his SubStack Jawbone here, and his band Wavesons’ music here.  Mottled blue and white carpet and air pump from the rounded, creme ceiling on the Coast Starlight, the Amtrak Train with service from Seattle to Los Angeles. Visions

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20 Nov 2023

Scenes From San Francisco’s Western Front

As I sit on the face of a shrub-studded dune, wind-spiraled sand in my eyes, a man and his two children approach the edge of the beach above me. Dad, I assume, has a fishing pole in his hand, the same as dozens of journeymen along Ocean Beach headed north.

02 Nov 2023

How Rosamunde Sausage Grill led me to love, pain, and cocaine

A love letter to San Francisco Sausage & Beer. 

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Petrified wood.
30 Oct 2023

This Ancient Forest in Sonoma is Rad as Hell

When I was a kid, my grandma would take me to the petrified forest museum in Vantage, Washington, out amongst the brown, dusty fields abutting the Columbia River Gorge. I was mystified — wood, but it’s rock. Over millions of years, the actual molecules inside the felled trees finds itself

27 Oct 2023

WITCHFEST And The Enchanting World of Alameda’s Feathered Outlaw

Last week, on the West End of Alameda, a full coven of witches gathered for the third annual WITCHFEST hosted by Feathered Outlaw. This unique gathering brought together more than 30 independent vendors specializing in magical products, as well as a diverse array of holistic and mystical practitioners, all drawing

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