23 Nov 2021

SFO Food Workers Will Protest Wednesday for Affordable Health Care

About 200 San Francisco International Airport workers are planning to protest Wednesday in a call for affordable health care, and they’re likely to get a good deal of attention on one of the heaviest travel days in the past two years. The people protesting are cashiers and food service employees

30 Sep 2021

SF’s Newest, Hottest, & Totally (Not) Toxic Beach!

San Francisco’s newest beach can be found in the Dogpatch District, in one of our cities oldest industrial coves.  It’s dotted with memorabilia of long past industrial blood, sweat and pollution.  It’s San Francisco’s hottest, newest and totally-not-toxic-anymore, beach! Sandwiched between SF’s beloved brunch spot The Ramp, World War II

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21 Sep 2021

All SFO Workers Have to Be Vaccinated Under New Mandate

It takes a small army to keep San Francisco International Airport running day in and day out, with the total on-site workforce estimated at more than 46,000 people shortly before the pandemic hit. As of Tuesday, all of those workers are required to be fully vaccinated. In a first-of-its-kind U.S.

robot looking handmade sculpture peeping behind a bridge
16 Sep 2021

Oakland’s Strange & Delightful “Troll Trail”

Deep in Oakland, imaginative trolls await you along the Bridgeview Troll Trail bringing the fun of art and creativity back into your life. What started out as just a way to bring in some fun during the all-consuming sadness of 2020, has turned into a collective art project.

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07 Sep 2021

Burning Man 2021: Lawless, Unprecedented, & Just What We Needed

The young, broke and beautiful took over Black Rock City this past weekend after the non- profit organization cancelled their event.

05 Aug 2021

SF’s Newest Park was Originally built by prisoners from Alcatraz : A History of Black Point Gardens

It’s not everyday that our little peninsula gets a new piece of public land, but for the last four years the Parks Conservancy, the National Park Service, and a team of volunteers, have been restoring the gardens, walkways, stairs, and terraces of The Historic Black Point Gardens. The Black Point

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25 Jul 2021

When the Lights Come Up in the City: Bayview Strong

Broke-Ass Stuart tours three neighborhoods in partnership with heresaymedia and  MEAGHAN MITCHELL to learn how businesses and community leaders pivoted to success during the pandemic. First up: the Bayview. 

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01 Jul 2021

5 of California’s 10 Dirtiest Beaches are in the Bay Area

According to an annual report testing CA beach waters,of California’s 10 worst polluted beaches, 3 are in San Mateo County, 1 in Santa Cruz County, and 1 is in San Francisco at ‘Candlestick Point, Windsurfer Circle‘. If you are a windsurfer, you may want to avoid venturing into the waters

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