04 May 2023

“Please Stand Clear of the Doors” My Long Love Affair with BART

I dash across the landing and just like an Olympic high jumper, I hurl myself, and my giant protruding pregnant belly high up in the air and leap over the head and body of a large man lying lifelessly smack dab in front of my Bart doorway

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04 May 2023

Explore SF: Witchy Times in Presidio Heights

Let your intuition guide you, or follow this lead: stroll down “Lovers Lane” as you listen to Lucius. Cheers to this full blown sensoriel experience!

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A beach.
24 Apr 2023

How to Spend A Sunny Day in Bolinas

BY DAVID COPPIN LANEGAN When you swing into Bolinas off Highway One, you’re probably pissed. You likely spent the last forty minutes winding through the hills north of the city at fifteen an hour, stuck behind a flock of road bikers stuffed into bright neon tights that look like the

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A man and a skyline.
24 Apr 2023

Larry June and the Alchemist’s Love Letter to the Bay Area Is a Delight

Baydestrian hip hop heads have reason to rejoice this spring. Bayview-raised rapper Larry June linked with producer the Alchemist to put out The Great Escape in March. The album is a love letter to Northern California, travel and leisure, and working to control what one can in life. The emcee

20 Apr 2023

World Goth Day Festival is Back in the Bay

All Day Subculture Dark Art and Music Festival that draws a merry band of nomadic, feral and cultishly-dedicated, awesomely awe-inspiring, anomalously aberrant, distinctively divergent and devient, as well as idiosyncratic and individualistic misfit artists from near and as far away as New York, South Carolina, Portland, and Los Angeles who regularly participate in the now, nearly 40, annual fantastical and festishized themed Curiosities Shows, Peculiar Pop-Ups, Residencies and Festival events projected for 2023. 

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A sign at a beach.
17 Apr 2023

Longtime Lifeguard Says New Surfers Need to Quit Learning at Ocean Beach

Doug Armstrong is an ocean rescue supervisor who works exclusively at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. His team is located within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and also covers Stinson Beach, nearby where Armstrong lives in Marin County. Their jurisdiction covers all the coast line between the two beaches,

One of the "small" pools making up Tulare Lake in 2023
12 Apr 2023

I Went to the Tulare “Ghost Lake” So You Don’t Have To

After the last “atmospheric river” dumped feet of snow and inches of rain in California, national media attention focused on the the return of Tulare Lake, a “ghost” lake not seen in more than 100 years! As if snow on Mt. Diablo, Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Tam, and East Bay hills

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06 Apr 2023

SF’s St. Stupid’s Day Parade, a Wonderfully Idiotic Tradition

There is a ridiculous tradition each April Fool’s Day in San Francisco.  It’s a celebration of all things illogical, a demonstration for the foolish by the fool hearty, a preposterous procession that celebrates above all one thing: human stupidity.

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