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16 Jan 2023

Why Walking Around San Francisco is My Favorite Thing to Do

Perambulate is a great word, isn’t it? It sounds like something a fancy fop in a waistcoat and coattails would do after dinner. And that’s because it is! To perambulate is to go for a walk, and lately I’ve been perambulating like the top-hatted, riding-booted, cane-carrying geezer on the Johnnie

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06 Jan 2023

Massive Layoffs Pummle Tech Companies As The Storm Rages

This past week was an absolute bonkers way to enter into the new year. The wackadoodle vote to find a leader for The House of Representatives could have been enough craziness in the news but we were graced with added bonuses. Additional layoffs were announced by tech giants with close

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05 Jan 2023

San Franciscans Are Naming Their Storm Drains & it’s Amazing

Yes that’s right, if you formally adopt a drain and take on the responsibility of keeping it clear of debris, (and our streets free of floods) you also get to name your drain!

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 1
05 Jan 2023

Why You Shouldn’t Swim in Flood Water & Other Safety Tips

I used to work as a diver. Years ago, I’d scrape the ghost shrimp, crustacea, and other
arthropods off of all the little boats in Sausalito until my arms couldn’t take anymore. One day
at work, after a particularly nasty spat of storm activity, I climbed out of the water and was
confronted by a concerned boat owner.

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01 Jan 2023

Maximizing the Fun Factor in Mission Bernal

Eat, drink, & frolic like a pro in the Mission Bernal neighborhood.

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28 Dec 2022

Fentanyl Laced Party Drugs are Killing People in the Bay Area

Seeing as New Year’s Eve is nearly here, and people will be partying their faces off on the last night of the year, I figured it was really important to get this public service announcement out there: TEST YOUR DRUGS AND CARRY NARCAN! Honestly, I have no problem with recreational

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23 Dec 2022

Is The Feeling Of Belonging Short-Lived in The Bay?

“Do I belong here?” – a question I’ve heard and felt more times than I can count. We ask ourselves; “Can I afford it here?” “Can I find a community here?” “Is there anything else left?” – and – “Has everyone left?” For all of those who have left the

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12 Dec 2022

How to Interrupt Domestic Violence Without Involving the Police

I learned a valuable lesson. Like thousands of other battered women of color have learned: The police made things worse and had the potential to be just as violent and potentially more deadly than my abuser.

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