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17 Sep 2021

Ask a Tenant Attorney: How to Deal with Pest Infestations

Ask a Tenants Right’s Lawyer is your chance to learn how to survive as a renter in San Francisco.  Attorney Daniel Wayne has a lot of the information you need to keep you in your home.  This month’s topic: Dealing with bedbugs, vermin, and other pest infestations. Got a question? Send

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robot looking handmade sculpture peeping behind a bridge
16 Sep 2021

Oakland’s Strange & Delightful “Troll Trail”

Deep in Oakland, imaginative trolls await you along the Bridgeview Troll Trail bringing the fun of art and creativity back into your life. What started out as just a way to bring in some fun during the all-consuming sadness of 2020, has turned into a collective art project.

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01 Sep 2021

Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry is Too Accepted

Sexual harassment in the restaurant industry is as common as ketchup on french fries, but no one seems to do anything about it. It’s rampant in the back of the house between coworkers and just as much so in the front of the house with customers. A recent survey says

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31 Aug 2021

September Sweetness: The Hottest Events This Week

Every Tuesday our subscribers get this awesome roundup in their inboxes. You should sign up right here to make sure you never miss a thing. San Francisco’s own sweet September “summertime” is finally at hand, and there’s no excuse not to take advantage of everything the season brings! Here’s what we’re most

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19 Aug 2021

Bay Area Air Quality is Yellow, Sun Red

The reason the air looks yellow today and the sun (when you can see it) looks red, is because of smoke from northern California Wildfires.   The particulates (ash) from the fires are causing the discoloration in the atmosphere, and if you’re like me, the dry itchy eyes.

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18 Aug 2021

I’d Love to Buy You a Beer!

Who wants to hang out and drink FREE beer? This Friday, August 20th, I’m buying a keg of beer at a San Francisco bar and inviting all my supporters on Patreon to come drink. It’s a great excuse to hang out, meet some cool new people, and of course drink some FREE beer.

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12 Aug 2021

Queer Wave Coffee: The New Queer, Indigenous, & Socially Conscious Brew

By Kristen Pizzo When you think of social justice, I doubt coffee is the first thing that comes to mind. But like so many heavily consumed products, there are so many people, resources, and processes behind the scenes that it’s almost impossible to keep social justice out of the coffee

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29 Jul 2021

SF is Averaging More COVID Cases this Summer than Last Summer

When we compare the average new cases of COVID 19 in San Francisco this July (2021) versus July last year (2020), we see that new daily cases have increased this summer.

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