21 Mar 2024

We Be Sushi Closes Original Location, Following Many on Valencia St.

After 36 years of slicing, dicing, and serving the Mission District of San Francisco, the original We Be Sushi at 1071 Valencia St at 22nd has closed.    Chef Andy Tonozuka told Mission Local the reasons are “mainly the slow business, and another one is I’m 74 now, and I got sciatic nerve pain”.

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11 Jan 2024

SF Residents Living with HIV: PRC Can Help!

If you or someone you know is a San Francisco Resident living with HIV who is having difficulty accessing healthcare in the city, please know that help is available. PRC’s team of local, trained professionals are standing by to assist with your healthcare enrollment, coverage, and access issues.

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12 Dec 2023

When Is The Mainstream Media Going To Get Bored Of Hating San Francisco?

Every week I write articles and I do quick scans of recent news involving San Francisco, Oakland and California to see if I can gain enough inspiration to give my opinion on what’s happening in a way that isn’t boring to you, the reader.  I’ve noticed something. Every. Single. Fucking.

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Cast iron skillet.
14 Aug 2023

How Cast Iron Skillets Taught Me About Loneliness And Community

BY LAUREN PARKER I spent quarantine capturing and rehabilitating street corner cast iron.  I live in a part of Oakland where the curbside economy is thriving. Between freegans, moving dumps, and shops unloading inventory, there’s an understanding that what shows up on the corner is for grabs and, when you’re

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A group of men.
29 May 2023

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Proves San Francisco Is Still Amazing

It’s been a dismal time to read about our beloved Paris of the West in the news these days. As it has in the past — notably in the 1980s in the grips of local political assassinations and the HIV crisis — San Francisco is the ire of national outlets

04 Apr 2023

Why Downtown SF’s Decline Feels Like Karma

It’s not a secret that San Francisco sacrificed nearly everything for tech. There were tax breaks for companies like Twitter in an attempt to “revitalize” the Tenderloin/Mid-Market area, but there was little local intervention when landlords increased rent prices to levels even six figure earners couldn’t afford in historically low

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A hand with a ring.
03 Apr 2023

San Francisco’s Downtown And Middle Earth Might Be Saved In The Same Way

On the first day of April — and not as a gag or trick — the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board gave readers a look of what might be to come for the Paris of the West. A budget deficit of $728 million, low transit use, and red tape mummifying

22 Feb 2023

California Says It Can No Longer Afford Aid for Covid Testing & Vaccinations for Migrants

by Don Thompson All day and sometimes into the night, buses and vans pull up to three state-funded medical screening centers near California’s southern border with Mexico. Federal immigration officers unload migrants predominantly from Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, and Peru, most of whom await asylum hearings in the United States. Once

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