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07 Oct 2021

$10 Off The Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport During October!

To celebrate the great beer drinking month of October, and mourn the fact that Oktoberfest is canceled this year, we are giving a $10 discount on the Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport! Each one contains 27 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 27 of the finest locally owned bars, breweries,

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26 Jan 2023

22 Years of Dark, Artful, Debauchery in San Francisco: The Edwardian Ball

Rosin Coven are exiting an era with one, final blowout bacchanal on all 4 floors of the Regency Ballroom.

Alex Mak - Managing Editor 0
26 Jan 2023

5 Things That Can Ruin a Server’s Day Before the Restaurant Even Opens

Far too often, customers are the scapegoat for making the day of a restaurant server a miserable one. But alas, dear customers, for it is not only you who know how to spoil a shift. We servers are quite capable of having a soul-crushing shift and it might have absolutely nothing to do with you.

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19 Jan 2023

4 Things Your Server Does Not Want To Hear You Talking About

  Restaurant servers basically have bionic ears. Years of working in places with music that’s too loud in rooms with poor acoustics, have trained their audible senses to be able to pick up the slightest sound. It might seem like we can’t hear you, but we can. We just hear

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16 Jan 2023

7 of the Coolest Themed Bars in San Francisco

By Regina Park Shake up your next night on the town with these seven San Francisco bars that take theme to the next level. Themed bars are always in danger of being over-the-top, resulting in a space that’s cliche and kitschy rather than fun and unique. But some bars really

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12 Jan 2023

5 Times Your Server Wants to Laugh at You

Restaurant servers are great actors. They must present the image that they are happy to be at work and eager to serve people while behind that facade, they are very often the exact opposite. If it was possible to earn money with a “poker face” waiters and waitresses wouldn’t need

Bitchy Waiter 5
09 Jan 2023

The Little Known Queer History of San Francisco’s Uptown

We began a tradition of bowing to each other. Back when I started working Monday comedy nights at the Rite Spot, it became a regular habit to stop off at the Uptown on my way via the train from Oakland. Like many long time bartenders, my morning is primarily spent

Ginger Murray 0
05 Jan 2023

5 Things Restaurants Need to Say Goodbye To in 2023

Can we please be finished with the little buzzers that tell customers when their table is ready? We have cell phones that can do that without having to hold a piece of plastic that lights up and vibrates like a toy from the 90s.

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