22 Feb 2024

The Silly and Serious Leap Year Protest in Berkeley

It’s a yeap year which can mean only one thing – a silly protest with an important message is coming to the streets of Berkeley on February 29th. Leap Day Action Night organized by The Slingshot Collective is not your traditional protest or even just a distraction keeping us from

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21 Feb 2024

Big Pro-Palestinian Protest Planned at Biden’s San Francisco Fundraiser

The whole world is watching in horror as Israel’s far right government prepares to send the Israeli military into Rafah. It is guaranteed to be another bloodbath of annihilation that will kill thousands of civilians. I don’t know how Netanyahu and his ghouls think destroying Gaza won’t also kill the

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A car on fire.
19 Feb 2024

What San Francisco’s Mayor Got Wrong About The Burnt Waymo Car

The wonders of the modern world, no matter the wonder or the era in question, have often come at a steep cost. Take the bicycle, cemented in the world economy when Scottish inventor John Dunlop zhuzhed up his son’s two-wheeler with a bit of tread; The rubber brought to Europe

16 Feb 2024

The Power of Community vs Crime in Oakland

It was 7 years ago that I wrote my first article for Broke-Ass Stuart around my transition from SF to Oakland. And I thought at first I’d write a long list of the differences I’ve noticed between the two iconic Bay Area cities. The primary distinction between residing in Oakland

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13 Feb 2024

Cop Drives Over New People’s Park Mural

A day of “participatory painting, music, and poetry” was held beyond the perimeter of industrial cargo containers at People’s Park in Berkeley on Sunday.  Artists and protestors shut down a portion of Bowditch Street and painted a large mural designed by artist David Solnit.   View this post on Instagram

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12 Feb 2024

This Oakland-Based Poet Wants You to Step Up Your Politics

Darius Simpson is the kind of guy who has to wait until Saturday night to take calls. The poet, educator, farmer, and activist stays fully engaged in a plethora of Bay Area communities. And in a time when the word “activist” has become closer to a personality trait or a

06 Feb 2024

Why There’s No BAS Voter Guide for This Election

We are really excited to announce that BrokeAssStuart.com recently took on Independent Arts & Media as a fiscal sponsor so that anyone who wants to help support local news, arts, and culture journalism in the Bay Area, can now donate (tax-free!). Every buck donated will help us to keep covering local artists, arts non-profits,

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02 Feb 2024

Manifest Differently: Voices Resonating Change in Troubled Times

We’re living in times where amplifying our voices during times of social injustice is vital. The Clarion Mural Project (CAMP) has a new show opening this weekend on February 3rd and it’s one you won’t want to miss. “Manifest Differently” features engage in a critical examination and response to the

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