10 Feb 2022

Letter From an SF Teacher: Don’t Recall our School Board!

By Gloria Maciejewski A lifelong educator with SFUSD and a district parent Nothing has been more anxiety-provoking and stressful than experiencing the COVID19 pandemic as both a parent of two kids, and an educator who has dedicated my life to public elementary schools in SFUSD. During school closure, I helped

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A person surfing.
22 May 2023

Meet the Queer Surfers Keeping the Bay Area Inclusive

It’s been a rough winter for surfing in the NorCal region. Thanks to a deluge of atmospheric rivers and subsequent flooding, it’s been cold and sloppy offshore. But things are looking up as spring bounds into summer. And Queer Surf, a nonprofit founded in 2016 by former pro surfer Kyla

18 May 2023

Tennessee Rep. Jones Urged Berkeley Students to Dismantle Systems of Injustice

Justin Jones, an activist and community organizer from Nashville, gained national attention when he was expelled from the Tennessee House of Representatives for leading a gun control protest on the House floor. However, just four days later, he was reinstated to his seat by a unanimous vote from the Metropolitan

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17 May 2023

Small Business is Thriving in Neighborhoods Under SF’s Only Socialist Supervisor

What the Chronicle termed the Downtown “doom loop” has been getting national coverage, but here’s a compelling counterpoint – three of San Francisco’s neighborhood commercial corridors: Haight-Ashbury, Hayes Valley and Japantown, all in Democratic Socialist Supervisor Dean Preston’s District 5, are actually thriving. This is not in spite of him being a socialist Supervisor, but because of the corridors’ close partnership with him.

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16 May 2023

I asked ChatGPT How To Save San Francisco…Here’s What It Said

If you’re alive and have been paying attention, you’re probably curious, if not completely worried about the inevitable changes that are going to occur as a result of A.I. But what if we could use this technology for good? What if its superior cyber-brain is the best suited for guiding

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11 May 2023

Big Win for Black Owned Real Estate & Black Artists in Oakland

Oakstop’s purchase of its campus building represents a big win for art, artists, entrepreneurship, and Black real estate ownership in the Bay Area.  Oakstop not only provides very flexible rental spaces for businesses, non-profits, and artists, but they also make sure to feature the work of Black artists, using their wall space to exhibit their work and host artist-fueled events too.

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11 May 2023

SF History: Sex WORK In The City

COYOTE (Call Off Your Tired Old Ethics) was founded in San Francisco in 1973 by Margo St. James, a sex worker, who also co-founded St. James Infirmary Clinic in the Tenderloin. COYOTE’s main goals were decriminalization (as opposed to legalization) of sex work, pimping, and pandering, as well as the elimination of social stigma concerning sex work as an occupation. Its work is considered part of the larger sex worker movement for legal and human rights.

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10 May 2023

Which Politicians Profit the Most from Children Being Killed?

We did it, America. We finally did it. Guns are the leading cause of death for children! It used to be our own terrible driving, but now our future leaders will have as much street cred as 50 Cent! Great Job America! Hell teens don’t even have to go to

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