23 Nov 2021

8 Things to Avoid and Discuss this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving seems to have gotten intense the last decade or so. Granted it was always a time fraught with family wide arguments about politics or sports. Maybe someone brought a vegan home or a person of color to a family with beneath the surface racisms. But this year has been

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cover photo; shang chi pulls the "stop requested" cord amid a bus fight scene in "shang chi and the seven rings"
22 Nov 2021

SF Muni Operator Breaks Down the Shang-Chi Bus Fight, Play-by-Play

One Muni operator’s analysis, fact-checking, and commentary on what the SF Chronicle described as the ‘second-best San Francisco car chase of all time‘ has won over the hearts of Marvel enthusiasts and public transit advocates alike. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings features a martial arts fight scene

19 Nov 2021

Friday News Roundup: Breed Pushes Drug Use Sites & Booster Appointments Now Available

Hey there, San Francisco.  Happy Friday. This week we learned that Mayor London Breed is pushing forward with a plan to open a supervised drug consumption site in the Tenderloin. And, all residents 18 years or older can start booking their booster shot appointments. More info on how to do

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19 Nov 2021

How to Talk About Vaccines with Your Anti-Vaxxer Family & Friends

There’s plenty to discuss over turkey and cranberry sauce this year, which makes this an important time to be the voice of reason amidst a sea of misinformation. Here’s how you can do that.

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18 Nov 2021

Will CA’s Plan For ‘Clearing’ Homeless Camps Actually Change Anything?

Shelter beds for people shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. Running shelters can be very expensive, and while it treats the problem temporarily, it can be a dead end when there’s no permanent housing on the other side

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18 Nov 2021

QAnon Mascot Gets 3 Years for Capital Insurrection, Despite Mental Illness and Horns

There may not be a better mascot or symbol for the Qanon movement, than a mentally ill, white 30-something, dressed in a meaningless costume, with a mild god complex and very little actual understanding of how government works.

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16 Nov 2021

Rep. Jackie Speier Says She Will Not Seek Re-Election

U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Francisco/San Mateo, announced Tuesday she will not seek re-election in 2022 after more than a decade in Congress. In a video shared on social media, Speier recalled being shot five times at the Jonestown massacre in Guyana in 1978 while working as a staffer for

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15 Nov 2021

After 21 Years. CA State Auditor Steps Down, Will Issue Final Report

By Emily Hoeven CalMatters Elaine Howle is stepping down at the end of 2021 after 21 years on the job. Her office has issued audits of a wide range of state agencies, including a series of highly critical reviews of California’s pandemic response and spending. In an interview with CalMatters,

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