10 Feb 2022

Letter From an SF Teacher: Don’t Recall our School Board!

By Gloria Maciejewski A lifelong educator with SFUSD and a district parent Nothing has been more anxiety-provoking and stressful than experiencing the COVID19 pandemic as both a parent of two kids, and an educator who has dedicated my life to public elementary schools in SFUSD. During school closure, I helped

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28 Sep 2022

The Other Unexpected Hazard on San Francisco’s Streets

San Francisco is not the Windy City, nor is it the state’s deadliest for pedestrians (that nefarious award goes to Concord, California). Nevertheless, the City by the Bay contains several spots where strange weather, extreme geography, and a rigid urban grid intersect. Two maps, one of our breeziest streets, the

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27 Sep 2022

Ronald Reagan Created Student Debt Because He Hated UC Berkeley

I hate Ronald Reagan. A lot of people say that they hate Ronald Reagan, but they don’t really know why. They know that Reagan was evil, but they don’t grasp just how truly malevolent this fucking man was. He wasn’t just a Republican. He was a monster. If I could

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20 Sep 2022

SFPD to Investigate String of Explosions

A series of explosions throughout the city center have finally prompted San Francisco Police to investigate.  For years now, day and night, the booming detonations of so-called “small devices” have added to the downtown soundscape. Last Saturday at around 3:50 PM, Tenderloin residents reported yet another powerful blast. Car alarms

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15 Sep 2022

These Are The Richest People in California

Elon Musk is still considered the world’s wealthiest person with a net worth of $274.9 Billion, but he’s a Texan now. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is projected to become the world’s first “trillionaire” by 2026, but he’s not a Californian, he’s a Washingtonian who is currently trying to set up

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14 Sep 2022

California Launches Website to Help Those Seeking Abortions

By Heather Allen A new website is now available for anyone who is seeking reproductive care in California, the governor’s office announced Tuesday. The new abortion resource website, abortion.ca.gov, provides information regarding privacy rights, abortion steps, types of abortion, how to find emotional or financial support and where to find

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08 Sep 2022

The Cool Stuff Coming To The Pacific Film Archive In The Fall

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time for the start of the Fall quarter of the Pacific Film Archive (hereafter PFA) programs.  This season’s programming offers a mix of both lengthy film series and mini-film series for those who can’t make huge time commitments.  Among the subjects

07 Sep 2022

San Francisco Has Officially Decriminalized Shrooms

San Francisco just said, “Ugh, If you’re going to do it, I’d rather you do it in the house.” The city’s Board of Supervisors passed a resolution yesterday determining personal use and distribution of entheogenic plants like peyote, ayahuasca, and psilocybin mushrooms “shall be the lowest law enforcement priority.” The

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