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1 Cent Drinks at Ellis Bar in Park Slope 9-10pm

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Sometimes when I’m eating or drinking free things  I feel a slight prick of guilt.  Usually, it’s nothing a quick cognitive pummeling can’t beat into submission.   I’m not talking about big catered events or hand outs from big brand  sponsors.  Hell, I’ll water the plants with Stoli O (not really, that would be wasteful and no one likes having to deal with drunk plant drama),  but when a little operation is trying to wrangle in customers it is categorically different.

Ellis Bar
has the optimal solution with “1 Cent” Fridays.   The monetary transaction satisfies my conscience, the expense in manageable, and  Ben Franklin gets some paraphrase-iffic love.

Tonight, according to FreeNYC, it’s tequila, vodka shots, and something called a Jack Rabbit.  Penny drinks only last from 9-10 pm.
Ellis Bar is @ 627 5th Ave in Park Slope

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