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$7000 Apartment for $700 In West Village

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Let’s cut the superfluous poppycock and get straight to it: Daffy’s Inc. is giving away a $7000 apartment (based on fluctuating market value) in the West Village for $700 for one year. Yea yea, $700 isn’t that cheap, but you have to look at the savings. It’s like buying D&G underwear for $5 a pair – and who doesn’t love that, besides me?

The bad news is the entries are restricted to legal residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. The good news is, beating out legal residents of the latter 3 states in a 30 second video that conveys a winning personality and degree of entitlement to such spoilage should be easy as shit.

Check out the site, get the details on going to Daffy’s locations to record your best 30 second impression of being a deserving human being and build them hopes high, so they can be appropriately dashed when some chick chewing her gum with her mouth open wins this sweet sweet pad.

You only have till the 14th, so get on it.

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