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Watch the NYPD Beat a Child Worse than Adrian Peterson

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Watch the video below.

This video showed up on my Facebook timeline, earlier today, with the title begging for an end to police brutality. The disturbing video, which was recorded on the Myrtle & Broadway subway stop in Bushwick, immediately shows a fearful teen being cornered by a barbaric police officer. The officer quickly proceeds to attack him with his baton, severely striking him in the head as concerned onlookers’ verbal protest asked the officer to stop.

“What are you doing?” asks the teen’s girlfriend, who tries to console her blood drenched boyfriend as he’s being arrested. “He’s just a young man, bro,” pleaded the man who recorded the video. With blood gushing from his face, the teen is then surrounded by more officers as he is escorted out of the subway station in handcuffs. At least he was still alive.

As Jazo Brooklyn, the owner of Jazzabelss Boutique and a mother who runs Educated Little Monsters, a youth group in Bushwick, so eloquently stated, “Civilians beat their kids; they get locked up. An officer beats your kid; they get suspended with pay.” Truer could not have been spoken.

If we can hold athletes, like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, accountable for domestic violence against their loved ones, we should be able to hold accountable and question the New York Police Department’s authoritative presence in our communities, which threatens our loved ones.

Photo Credit: and Video Credit: Skuf YKK

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