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A Quick Guide to Buying Weed in 2020

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This article was made possible by the fine folks at Vapor Room, San Francisco’s oldest continually operating dispensary.

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We can all agree that this year has been absolutely overwhelming. At Vapor Room, we feel that buying cannabis shouldn’t be. From the sheer number of brands and products to the ever-growing list of dispensaries and delivery services, cannabis consumers are spoiled for choice these days. Don’t let buying weed become a drag. We can all use it now more than ever.

At Vapor Room we curate our menu with quality bud from trusted local sources. Our purchasing is guided by decades of experience buying grass with compassion and value for the customer in mind. Our highly knowledgeable staff will help you find the high that best suits your needs and budget. We’re small and nimble. We do our damndest to make sure you’re happy with your high.

Check out these 4 nugs of knowledge that will help make you a more savvy stoner:

1. Differences in Vapor Cartridges

Since we’ve reopened, we’ve seen quite an evolution in vapor cartridges. When it comes to carts you’ve got a few choices to consider: distillate, live resin, and full spectrum. There’s a little overlap among the three but here’s some basic info about their differences:

Distillate is the result of refining cannabis biomass (typically dried and cured plant material in a solvent) followed by processing that biomass until THC or CBD is all that’s left. Terpenes may be reintroduced. Brands we carry that use distillate: SHERBINSKIS, Willie’s Reserve, Care By Design.

Full Spectrum refers to the characteristic of an extract whose cannabis biomass is refined at various temperatures, resulting in a broader distillation that preserves the plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile. Brands that produce Full Spectrum cartridges: Chemistry, Sonder, BRITE Labs.

Live Resin refers to the characteristic of an extract made from cannabis that is flash frozen at harvest without a dry and cure before extraction. This is done in a way that preserves much of the natural expression of the live flower. However, to get Live Resin into cartridges it may go through additional refinement. Cartridges we carry that use Live Resin: NUG, Eel River Organics, Buddies.

2. Look for sungrown, farm cut, and pre-ground to get the most bang for your buck.

A lot of people have preferences between sungrown and indoor cannabis. We love them both and are thankful that we have good weed to help us deal with everything going on these days. If you look in the right places you will find that outdoor is just as good and sometimes better than indoor. At Vapor Room, we stock as many sungrown options as indoor, if not more. We believe that sungrown grass is better for the environment, produces a unique high, and supports the Emerald Triangle sungrown farmers that have been supplying the country with great cannabis for decades!

Take Brother David’s or Esensia Gardens for example. Or our favorite farmer, Moon Made Farms. Full disclosure, we’re friends with these farms and Tina Gordon of Moon Made is a partner here at Vapor Room. Farmer and The Felon, and Old Pal provide bulk flower products that offer value in surprising ways. If you miss the fun of sugar leaf, grab some Farm Cut flower.

These amazing farmers and many more can be found on our shelves, bringing some of the best cannabis in California to your pipe!

3. Shop local, small batch, craft, and equity brands.

We are surrounded by some of the best growers and producers of cannabis on earth. Period. Oftentimes, an amazing value can be found in some of the more unknown, off radar brands. Just like in any other market, sometimes you have to look past the big corporate names. Especially when it comes to flower. Support local, small batch, cottage industry cannabis by buying OM, SF Roots, Calibueno, Biscotti, Sweetwater Pharms.

Your dollars count and supporting independent brands positively impacts your community on a local level.

4. Take advantage of our discounts, deals, specials, and rewards

We’re here for you, every day from noon to 8pm, in store with our face masks on and hand sanitizer at the ready. Or at your door for contactless delivery!

We offer an ever rotating list of deals, promos, specials and BOGOs. Check our website and social media channels to stay up to date on what’s available. You can also join our exclusive VRoomie Text Club by texting JOIN VROOMIE to (415) 429-6579 to get access to even more exclusive discounts.

We offer 5% loyalty reward points on every purchase, offer senior and veteran’s, first time discounts, and our special “Reefer a Friend” discount when you bring in a friend for the first time.

Shop online for delivery or give us a call at (415) 626-2100.

Get in, get grass, get going!

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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