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“I Might Buy a Boat” – The Top 100 Songs of 2021

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Photo of Japanese Breakfast’s album cover for Jubilee from Facebook

Our official 2021 playlist, “I Might Buy A Boat” is here!

Dedicated BAS followers might recall this massive playlist we put together two years ago chronicling a decade’s worth of standout songs. That project was a tremendous amount of fun and since then, our panel of passionate music nerds has made a yearly tradition out of reconvening. Last year they gave this much more reasonable 100 song playlist, and as 2021 comes to a close we’ve invited them back to do it again!

The process of building one of these year-end playlists begins with each contributor submitting a list of their top songs of the year. Songs that appear on more than one contributor’s list are automatically included in the final 100. The first 29 songs on “I Might Buy A Boat” are the ones that were submitted by at least two panelists. 

From there we begin a fantasy-football-style snake draft to populate the rest of the list.

With the publication of this year’s 100 song playlist, we are also including a master list that includes every song submitted by our panelists!

This list includes 294 different tracks. Along with looking at the most frequently selected tracks from our six panelists, we think it reveals the songs and artists did the most to delight us over the past year.

Some highlights:

Enjoy the tunes!

These lists were composed by local musician, Nico Simonian, local legend Ashkon Davaran, BAS contributors, Tiffani Kyong and Sayre Piotrkowski as well as others who wish to remain anonymous. 

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