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A Love Letter To Sasha Grey, The Artist

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By Salem Black

Sasha Grey will always be a superstar in my eyes. I first learned about her as a horror film actress before I knew her background, and I have adored her since.  I rant and rave about how incredible she is and now I will be telling you all a little bit of who she is, what she has accomplished and a bit about what she has gotten up to!

Sasha began her career having decided to join the adult film industry in 2006 at the age of 18. Bringing along with her, sex positivity and a brilliant understanding of self-exploration. Using the industry as a stage for performance art and encouraging individuals to take pride in their own sexuality instead of allowing it to remain a taboo-like subject.

Her drive? Being discontent with social perceptions of women’s sexuality and preferences in media and world views. Which is part of why I have written this article, to show you, the reader, that you can’t judge Sasha or any lady by her past career or sexual preferences!

Sasha earned 2 awards in 2008. This is only 2 years into her adult film career! Two times that year, Sasha was awarded “Best Female Performer of The Year”, One by AVN (Adult Video News) and XRCO (X- Rated Critics Organization). One of her adult films entitled “Malice in Lalaland”‘, is an adaptation/ pornographic spin on Alice in Wonderland. With Sasha taking the role of Alice, named Malice in the film.
It was filmed on 35mm, and what makes this film cool is the dark storyline is similar to the “American McGee’s Alice” video game series as well as the animation used for cutscenes. Super cool!

Sasha in costume for Malice In LaLaLand

In 2009, Sasha left the adult industry to pursue several other projects. Releasing a photography book entitled “Neu Sex”. A photo collection of a special kind of intimacy that has previously been unseen with Sasha’s fans. This form of intimacy is not so much sexual but based on real-life interactions through photography.

Sasha’s photography book “Neü Sex”

In 2013, Sasha released her first novel “The Juliette Society”.  The Juliette Society follows a film student named Catherine, who comes into a sexual awakening. finding herself drawn into a secret club, where the world’s biggest names come to explore their deepest, darkest fantasies. This world threatens everything she holds dear. This book even turned out two sequels as a trilogy!

Sasha’s first novel (of a trilogy) “Juliet Society”

Sasha also had started to appear in more traditional film work. One of these roles was 2009’s “Smash Cut”. A horror/ comedy filmed in my own hometown of Ottawa, Canada! Sasha starred as April Carson, an undercover cop suspecting a film director to be dismembering people to use as props for his; terribly made films! (Whoa, hardcore!).

Co-starring in this blood dripping film are the legendary David Hess and Michael Barryman. Stars of Wes Craven’s infamously controversial films “Last House on The Left and ” The Hills Have Eyes” respectively.

In addition to photography, writing and traditional acting, Sasha is also, a Disc Jockey! Writing and producing her own tunes and remixes. As a musician, Sasha has also lent out her voice to artists such as Infected Mushrooms, Current 93 and others.

Sasha sent by Sasha through email to give fans a chuckle of her without eyebrows during her streaming

Currently, as of 2020, Sasha has two new shows! The first being a small YouTube cooking show titled “Guess What Sasha is Cooking!”. In this, we get to watch Sasha’s girl next door charm in action! Hosting under the name “Uncle Sasha” we are given a fun cooking tutorial in each episode. Filled with play humour and quirky edits.

“The Grey area” is Sasha’s new talk show! Having made its release August 2020. Hosted on the new network, VENN (Videogame Entertainment and New Networks). The show features Sasha and her co-host, American rapper Jon “Dumbfoundead” Park taking on a variety of special guests.

The Grey Area show

Notable appearances include Comedian Russel Peters and professional idiot Stev-o of the jackass series. From award-winning adult superstar to multi-career artist. Sasha Grey is the winner of many hearts including my own.

What adventures will Sasha bring us next?
I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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