24 Apr 2009

FREE MoMA, Earth Fair at Grand Central, Natalie Portman

I have a bad taste in my mouth from last night, which I’ve narrowed down to extra durrrty martinis or the two double cheeseburgers I ate at 3 am at the Delancey/Essex McDonald’s where a drunk dude in a blazer almost got socked by the on duty Wo-manager for taking

24 Apr 2009

Broke-Ass Porn: Vintage Smut

Titillation from yesteryear, my friends. The days when Sodom by the Bay was known for its everyman’s mud and brew.  Crisp, dry, cool and golden joy juice flowing like a geyser on the slopes of Potrero.  Enchanting neon goblet!  Like that “soft glow of electric sex” Jean Shepard wrote of. Where

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23 Apr 2009

Benjamin Bratt finally does something well — “La Mission” premieres tonight at the Castro Theatre

  The San Francisco International Film Festival is one of the city’s great claims to fame. Known as the first of its kind in the nation, many films from overseas get their first premiere on our shores. Pretty exciting shit, since we are the first to see some fairly amazing films before

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23 Apr 2009

Gansevoort Rooftop and Adidas Party Giftbags

I’ve spent the past few days neglecting your pickled livers with posts about filmmakers, workshops, and literary panels so I guess I need to reel some of you back with a bucket of chum and a dash of glam.  The problem is, I’m finding free a little hard to track

23 Apr 2009

Spike Lee at SOHO Apple Store: Re-cap and Advice for Natalie Portman et al.

Yesterday was Earth Day and I didn’t do anything beyond breathe some oxygen and fertilize some porcelain.  Well, that isn’t entirely true. First, there is no way that toilet was porcelain and second, I went to see Spike Lee speak at the SOHO Apple Store, which i DID tell you

23 Apr 2009

Darbar Grill: Upscale Indian with FREE appetizers and drink specials

  The good thing about class is that since you can’t buy it,  you can fake it.  It’s not like an apartment.  No un-roofied date will believe you when you say the junkie passed out on the stoop is the doorman and, ahem, his uniform is in the wash.  Or

22 Apr 2009

FREE Cookies May Lead to World Peace.

  A cookie is a little morsel of happiness.  Nobody eats a cookie and then goes out and commits  a heinous act of violence; twinkies maybe, but not cookies.  There are few things in life that can brighten your day like a good one (unless you’re diabetic of course, in which case it absolutely ruins

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