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03 Oct 2023

Woman Trapped Under Cruise Autonomous Car In San Francisco

A woman was trapped under a Cruise car on Market Street in San Francisco, requiring the San Francisco Fire Department to use the jaws of life to save her. According to Cruise, the autonomous vehicle wasn’t at fault for the accident – as the pedestrian was “launched” in front of

Abraham Woodliff - Bay Area Memelord 0
13 Jul 2018

XO Festival Cancelled. Bay Area Saved from it’s Own Fyre Fest.

If the name “Fyre Festival” doesn’t ring a bell, let me take you on a quick stroll down memory lane. See, awhile back, rapper “Ja Rule” teamed up with a trust fund fuckboy named Billy McFarland with the intention of putting on a “luxury festival experience” in the Bahamas. Without