30 Sep 2019

Dating as a Woman Who Doesn’t Want Kids

Since I started dating, I’ve thought a lot about how to approach the subject of having kids with potential partners. Recently, when talking with a friend I won’t name here, I brought up that I didn’t want to have kids. She and I weren’t especially close, but I considered her someone I could be transparent with without fearing judgment. 

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17 Jul 2018

Digital Drama: When a ‘Like’ Is More Than Just a ‘Like’

By Rachel Fogletto Whenever drama pops up online, you can never hear enough times, “It’s ONLY the internet!” This is a toxic attitude and it has to stop before we bury each other in existential graveyards of screenshots, emoji flirts, gif battles and read message receipts. Humans are adaptable and

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07 Oct 2021

BAS is Looking for a Couple New Writer/Editors

Since 2007 has been dedicated to bringing you the most important news, arts, culture, nightlife, and progressive activism in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Our goal is to amplify voices that may not always get heard and stick up for working people when no one else will…and

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16 Feb 2010

Broke Ass Financial Coaching: What to Pay if You Break A Friend’s Stuff

“My dog’s tail knocked over a glass of water onto my friend’s computer, now the computer isn’t working. The computer is three years old. Should I buy her a new computer? A used computer of equal value?” – SD

Oh brotha. I am sorry to hear this happened. It is nice when these things are cut and dry, but often there is a lot of gray area when it comes to friends working out paying for broken items. Unfortunately sometimes it’s obvious to one person and not obvious to the other person.

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