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08 Nov 2016

Top Ten Reasons NOT to vote for Marjan Philhour for District 1 Supervisor

Written By Kristin Tieche If you live in the Richmond District of San Francisco, your mailbox has probably been flooded with campaign paraphernalia for the last 2 years for Marjan Philhour. You’ve probably seen people wearing blue shirts and carrying blue signs with her name on it on every corner. Maybe

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31 Oct 2014

Not So Fast! BAS 2014 ENDORSEMENT SUPPLEMENT:Here Come The (Rest of) The Judges

So, we here at BAS would be remiss in our endorsements and voter guide if we didn’t cover everything that you’ll be seeing on your ballot this coming Tuesday.  We realized this while testing out the very helpful Where’s My Fucking Polling Place?  And as it happens, we left out

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