Maxine Holloway

09 Apr 2021

SFSX (Safe Sex) is the Sci-Fi Sex Worker Comic Book You’ve Been Waiting For

Welcome to Brain-Throbs & Blow Jobs, a column highlighting the great minds and perspectives of Bay Area sex workers through interviews and photo portraits by Maxine Holloway. I wouldn’t be the perverted queer whore I am today without San Francisco. The City by the Bay made living outside the lines a

03 Aug 2020

What the Porn Industry Can Learn from Black Lives Matter

Black bodies experience an intense amount of fetishization, and this is not to be conflated with appreciation or care for black people. Porn and culture often mirror each other, which affects the type of pornography that is readily available. If you believe Black Lives Matter, you should ensure that Black lives matter in all of your behavior – including your porn consumption. How we view, respect, and value Black sex workers is crucial for equality.