San Francisco Documentary Festival

30 May 2022

The 2022 S.F. DocFest Is Here, In Person!

Black beer brewers, the history of Throbbing Gristle, and a few films that will annoy the Chinese government are among the offerings at the 21st San Francisco Documentary Film Festival (hereafter “DocFest”).  This year’s festival, which will run from June 1-12, 2022, boasts a mix of 36 features and 58

24 May 2019

The SF Documentary Festival is Here and it Looks Fantastic

The San Francisco Documentary Festival (aka DocFest) has long earned its reputation for cheerfully screwing with the familiar air of film festival stodginess. Sure, DocFest presents film screenings and appearances by film talent, just like other film festivals. But do other festivals also present a heavy metal karaoke party, a chance to ridicule bad art with like-minded others, or “Breakfast Club” Bingo?