Schatzie Frisch

15 Feb 2024

San Francisco Celebrates 20 Years of Heart Sculptures

Speaking of hearts a poundin’, I sauntered up to the bar, and wouldn’t you know, I bumped into my heart sculpture from 2022. Almost broke it. There it was surrounded by guests and leftover cocktails. My heart sure does get around. I had recently seen it at Neiman Marcus and APEC.

19 Oct 2023

A night on the Town with a Pumpkin Named Jack

If you’re looking for ideas for what to do with your pumpkin this year, here is a guide to a well rounded, glowing time with your Jack.

10 Jul 2024

This Literary Magazine Release Party Will Be Epic!

The Huge Release Party for the Literary Magazine In case you haven’t heard, we just put out an incredible literary magazine called The Dreams I Dreamt: Letters to San Francisco. It’s a gift to San Francisco, where 19 of The City’s best authors and poets – writers with SO many

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 0
22 Apr 2023

Why I want to be a Girl Scout…again

It’s that time of year. ..look for me, the much older girl scout…in the back alley. I’m holdin’. Thin Mints. 255 grams. Cash only.
And yes. I’m wearing my Girl Scout uniform from the Seventies. Bay Area Kensington Troop 169 in the house.

13 Apr 2023

The Sour Side of Pickleball: Court Battles in the Bay

Pickleball gangs developed. I’d often see those Pickleballers slowly exiting their Hybrid Electric Vehicles in their Normcore attire (after they had circled endlessly to find parking where there was no street sweeping). Wispy grey hair peeking out from under their giant brimmed UPF hats from REI, opaque white glistening sunblock slathered on their sunglassed faces, Hoka supportive Pickleball sneakers, pricey carbon fiber weave paddles, tee shirts that read “Day Dinker” and “Pickleball. It’s kind of a big Dill” and enormous, insulated, stainless steel Hydro Flask vessels filled with electrolytes. “Pickleball” is what they play.

30 Mar 2023

Discovering Mochi Donuts In the Bay Area

I noticed faux Donut ‘plushies’ for sale, before my eyes rested on the colorful eatable Mochi Donut display. So many questions! Even though it was almost closing time, the friendly staff spent time educating me about the Mochi Donut.

16 Mar 2023

Becoming a Donut Devotee in the Bay Area

I frequent Donut Shops. I only buy one Donut at a time and I only use coins, no bills or credit cards allowed…after scrounging around every hard-to-reach cavity in my car I was able to extricate just the exact amount, 125 cents…