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04 Apr 2018

Patron of the Week: Jeff Desira

I love any opportunity to support the folks who support me, which is why I’m so excited to be doing this Patron of the Week series. From art to activism to non-profits, so many of the people who support Broke-Ass Stuart on Patreon do really wonderful things. And this is

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08 Nov 2011

After the Polls Close: Free Election Night 2011 Booze, Food and Parties

Batten down the hatches, Election Day is upon on us and tonight promises to be a bender as only politicians and their entourages can slosh through. Most of these guys have been open since the wee hours already, so expect full on delirium if you drop in on one of the many Election Night parties that will be going off around town.

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27 Jan 2024

The San Francisco Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the San Francisco Beer Passport. There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing! Each one contains 27 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 27 of the finest locally

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07 Aug 2011

Testing One, Two, Three…

One of my favorite parts about summertime is that it is concert season; all the great festivals and many great artists come to town to take advantage of the weather and lift our spirits with their wonderful melodies. The bad part, though, is that all these concerts total up really

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12 Apr 2010

$2 Booze For Industry Workers Every Tuesday at the Riptide

The Sunset is almost never a destination when it comes to nightlife, which is probably why places like the venerable Riptide are so fond of specials.  Not that they’re all that worried about drumming up business anyway, since their following is very loyal and pretty local. It’s touching nonetheless, that

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30 Mar 2010

FREE Food and Music for a Good Cause at the Riptide

Jeff over at The Riptide has been doing some pretty awesome events lately that involve you eating and dancing for FREE.  Remember this one and this one?  Yeah, dude is not fucking around. This time for Wet Wednesday a professional chef ,who is one of the Riptide regulars, will be

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26 Jan 2010

FREE Food, Music and the SF Ocean Film Festival

You might remember Jeff from his FREE Chinese food Jewish Christmas, or some of the other times he’s done FREE food and movies at The Riptide.  Well my man is up to it again tomorrow night at the kick off party for the SF Ocean Film Festival. I’ll post the

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13 Jan 2010

FREE Surf Films and Pizza at The Riptide

It’s probably pretty hard to be broke if you live all the way in the Outer Sunset because those cab fares can’t be cheap. But like any decent neighborhood it must have its share of cheap neighborhood bars, otherwise people wouldn’t live there, right? The Riptide must be pretty rad

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24 Aug 2009

FREE Food and the Chance to Win a Surf Board at the Riptide

This one comes straight from my man Johnny Funcheap.  This Wednesday the Riptide, is throwing a bad ass party to kick off the Outside Lands Festival.  This little fiesta is to raise money for the Save The Waves Coalition and there will be FREE food, surf movies on the big

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