South America

31 Jan 2017

The Best Anti-Nazi Themed Cocktails

Created by Bartenders against Nazi’s, inspired by neo-fascist Richard B. Spencer getting punched in the face

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02 Feb 2018

I was Kidnapped and Held for Ransom in Peru, Part 1

Guest Post by Robert Louthan. All photos by the author. Ecuador proved to be a very special country. The beautiful landscapes and friendly culture made it a hard place to walk away from, which is why I may have overstayed my three-month visa by just a little bit. I did

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20 Oct 2016

Why Everyone Should Work in a Restaurant

Everyone should work in a restaurant at least once. Ask any server, bartender, barista, cook, dishwasher, buser, greeter, and they’ll agree. It’s a conversation I often have with other people in the restaurant industry. This conversation is half bitching about customers (sorry not sorry) and half enumerating all the ways that working in a restaurant makes you a better person.

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17 Apr 2014

Organ Grind: A South American Food Journal Part 9, Guts and Glory in Salta, Argentina

The Argentinian food scene, which I had found fairly monotonous heretofore, is improved markedly the closer your proximity to Bolivia and Peru.  The most remarkable city of that region is Salta, a frenetic, dirty pearl dropped into the psychedelic northwestern desert.  The eyes are more native brown than European hazel

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03 Feb 2014

Organ Grind: A South American Food Journal Part 6, Arequipa’s Frontlawn Restaurant

Clockwise from left: heart, corn, rocoto The flower of Peru’s glory is at its highest peak of florid magnificence when the traveler steps outside the bounds of urban settlements.  This can be difficult at times; the central yolk of most Peruvian cities is broken here and there and allowed to

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08 Feb 2007

To Live and Die in BA: part 2

January 15, 2007 To Live and Die in BA: part 2 Buenos Aires is a city of too many sunrises. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that in just a few weeks here I’ve seen the sun rise at least twice as many times as the rest of

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08 Feb 2007

To Live and Die in BA:part 1

December 26, 2006 To Live and Die in BA…part 1 I slid into the center of Buenos Aires at roughly 4am on a Friday, ready to crash out at the hostel that I’d booked while in Cuzco. At the airport I’d met Noah from the Bay Area, who happened to

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08 Feb 2007

No Gracias

December 15, 2006 No Gracias “No Gracias,” becomes a sort of mantra as you wander Cuzco’s beautiful cobblestone streets, navigating through finger-puppet selling five year olds and elderly women slanging everything from bracelets to toothbrushes. These things you take in stride because you’re in Peru and you understand that people

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