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FREE Jerk Chicken @ Wednesday Reggae Nights with A Real Jamaican


At the last reggae night at M Lounge we listened to the latest music from the island courtesy a recently returned couple who asked a local to make them a disc.  Nevermind that they were two whitefolk from Jersey, the music was straight Jamaican, which would disappoint fans of the oldies of reggae past.  Seems the new trends in dancehall and roots are unsurprisingly inching their way closer to r&b and hip-hop. Thankfully, the DJ brought it back to some Wailers and other golden oldies.  We also watched a tour company’s video log of an excursion that the couple went on, with the other usual all-inclusive resort gang-  happy, well fed American couples quickly approaching retirement age; their slimmer european counterparts; and the younger couples off for a diluted version of Sandals or Hedonism – clambering over rocks, bobbing in frothy pools, and generally being super-stoked on life. 


You know what else is Jamaican at this reggae night? The owner.  As one would expect, he is very laid back.  His name is Mike (pictured above).  He is the one who brings the jerk chicken down from a Jamaican place in the Bronx (he used to make it when he owned a restaurant).  You get a little plate with a piece of white bread.  


Then there is the rum punch, that uses Overproof Rum.  Anyone been to Hawaii and had Braddah Kimo’s rum?  Well, its distinct flavor comes from its high alcohol content and Overproof is the only kind I’ve had that conjures up those horrid shots I took 3 years ago.  Maya and Eritrea, you know what I’m talking about.   However, while Kimo’s is like jet fuel, Overproof, mixed into the rum punch, is friggin sweet, and authentically Jamaican, not some Maui bootleg operation.  I mean, the bottle came with a stupid little lei on it.  


Reggae Night Specs

Every Wednesday 6pm-midnight
FREE jerk chicken
$4 Red Stripe
$4 Rum punch
Live painting by Old Soulz

M Lounge is located @ 448 13th Street (at Ave. A)

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Oliver Hartman - Resident Bargain Whorespondent

Oliver Hartman - Resident Bargain Whorespondent

Oliver was born in 1983, the year of the Pig according to the Chinese zodiac. He grew up in Whitefield, Maine, but since college has lived in Boston, Maui, Switzerland, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Nicaragua, and New York making his bread as a waiter, cocktail boy, camp counselor, writer, english teacher, tennis instructor, guide, model, and design agency jackass.

  • Maya

    that stupid little lei, mahalo’d you (and me and E) the ^#@! out. I must try this Overproof. It sounds like the scent doesn’t haunt the rum punch, like a teaspoon of Kimo’s did an entire pitcher of freshly made papaya shake.

  • mahalo’d the F out the whole summer because of Kimo