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22 Sep 2022

Where Most Pedestrians Get Run Over in San Francisco

“Did you look both ways before you cros…“BAM!!  – Octavia Street., San Francisco “Hey Motherfucker, this is a bike lan..“SPLAT!! –  Folsom St., San Francisco “Dude, have you looked up from your phone in like..“POW!!  – Fake St., Gotham Using dramatic recreations of pedestrian-involved traffic accidents along with sound effects

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20 Sep 2022

SERIAL Podcast Convicted Murderer Adnan Syed Released!

Baltimore Circuit Judge Melissa Phinn overturned Syed’s murder conviction in the 1999 killing of Hae Min Lee after prosecutors raised doubts about his guilt, there were revelations of “alternative suspects” in the homicide and unreliable cell phone evidence used against him at trial.

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07 Sep 2022

What it’s Like Writing About San Francisco for 20 Years

In celebration of my 20th year in SF, I am extremely excited to announce Slouching Towards Neverland: 20 years of Writing About San Francisco. Here’s a quick rundown: – This limited edition, hand-signed, new zine covers my two decades of writing about this strange and beautiful city. – Besides well known

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15 Sep 2022

These Are The Richest People in California

Elon Musk is still considered the world’s wealthiest person with a net worth of $274.9 Billion, but he’s a Texan now. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is projected to become the world’s first “trillionaire” by 2026, but he’s not a Californian, he’s a Washingtonian who is currently trying to set up

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15 Sep 2022

California Wiped Out Traffic Ticket Late Fees! Check if Yours is Gone

It’s a win for everyone who ever got a $35 Jaywalking ticket that ballooned to $635 because of late fees, or for a Street Cleaning citation that went unpaid, to a mistaken Bridge Toll Evasion that the court sent the letters to the wrong address for months, or you were

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01 Sep 2022

Yes, Texans Actually Pay More in Taxes than Californians

Data Source Texas politicians often tout how low their state taxes are, compared to “crazy liberal” states like California.  What they actually mean, is that state taxes for the very rich are low, compared to states like California. If you judge tax equity, by taxing the richest more than

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25 Aug 2022

Saving Sea Creatures On The California Coast: The Marine Mammal Center

The Largest Marine Mammal Hospital in the World! Is in Sausalito CA

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04 Aug 2022

Your Music, Food, & Booze Pairings at Outside Lands

With more San Francisco food vendors than I can count this year (90+ restaurants), We’ve put together some nice, booze, food and music pairings at Outside Lands 2022.  For when your tank is low and you need to eat and chill before your next show.  I’ve been going to OL

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04 Aug 2022

America’s First Craft Brewery is in San Francisco

With its roots beginning in the Gold Rush, San Francisco’s Steam Beer has been brewed here for at least 150 years.

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