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Free Sunday Standup = Free Laughs + maybe a little fart that squeaks out

Updated: Nov 12, 2018 17:12
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Going to free stand up comedy shows is like trying to swallow pills made for horses: sometimes it goes well, other times it just doesn’t and you want to die.  About a year ago I went to a small standup show in a backroom the size of a refrigerator and sat on the backseat of an old Chrysler mini-van.  The first few acts heartily blew. Then a kid from Boston came out and lit everyone up.  He was ripping on the JMZ and weaved in a stallion cop who spoke English with a noticeable bray.  You had to be there.  

The point is, when you go to a free comedy show you are only gambling with your time, which as a true brokeass, really isn’t money.

Check out free Sunday Stand-up at East Village metal haven Three of Cups.  Shows start at 8:00 pm and '“ fingers crossed '“ the hilarity will ensue.  Peep FreeNYC’s post.

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