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Free Workshops and Events at SOHO Mac Store During Tribeca Film Fest

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Sometimes I use my roommate’s Mac and I fucking hate it when Safari automatically opens up to the mac homepage.  Why doesn’t she change that shit?  Anyway, the other day it actually proved useful because I found out about Apple’s awesome involvement with the Tribeca Film Festival.  The SOHO Apple store will be hosting a bunch of events and workshops “celebrating the spirit of Independent Film”.  Yea yea yea, just give me the free training already!   Here is a quick look at the offerings, which are all FREE and first come, first served:

Meet the Filmmakers – actors, writers, directors, everyone but a boom operator give us the dirty details on their latest works.  Guests include, in order of hotness:  Natalie Portman and Eric Bana.  Followed by Eric Bana and Natalie Portman.  Then there are some people like Spike Lee, Ti West, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna.  Damn, I guess they are attractive too.

What’s New in Filmmaking (scroll to bottom)- Pros give instruction, advice, and condescending talks about new tech developments in the world of filmmaking.  A lot of it is focused on script management programs.

Workshops – here is the workshop schedule for the above mentioned events as well as Apple workshops and Filmmaking workshops where you can get some training on Final Cut Pro, Logic Score recording, and more.  I expect a market bombardment of gritty, verite (veri-tay…don’t know how to do the accent thing) shorts from all of our readers in a few months post-training.

The SOHO Apple Store is a @ 103 Prince Street in the sweet old US Post Office building.   Events run from April 22nd – May 3rd.

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